Obama announces slowdown on new deepwater drilling

So the President who was so busy “Getting this done” is now saying that the Federal Bureaucrats failed on the oversight of oil.   Am I the only one who notices that when it goes bad somebody else failed and when it goes good he is on top of it?

Since the beginning the administration has said BP is in the lead on mitigating the situation.   Now suddenly when the leak is ebbing our President comes out and says BP has not acted without Government approval since the beginning.  If so why then is BP using the less environmentally friendly dispersant.

I remember this kid from school and met him many times in my work life.  Blame others for failure.  Take credit for wins.  I never liked people like that,  and still don’t.

At a time when we are already having an energy issue (gas price)  the President wants to slow production?  Who will he blame for this one?  BP  of course  evil business!


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