Once again the Obama Administration shows their STUPIDITY!


The above is a short story from Reuters. It is about the cost of the clean up. Actually it is about Ken Salazar making the comment that BP should pay for all the people who will not work because the President issued a moratorium on deep water drilling.

So let’s see. We have a tragic event that kills 11 people and countless wildlife, our Government (not just this administration) signed off on the disaster plan and then this administration calls for a stoppage of new drilling. Seems to me that maybe this administration is not as STUPID as the title states. Anyone remember the beginning of the show the Outer Limits? We have control. They are doing ALL of this to get control. (CAP AND TRADE) We all better start telling our Congress members to stop the madness now or they will regret it. BTW if you think that your representatives do not represent the majority or that they did something to harm the people of your state why not look into a recall vote. Some states allow it.

Oh yea the title was to get you to read this. They are by no means stupid they are deliberate and know exactly what they want. CONTROL


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