I was one of those that did not watch

From the New York Times
President Obama’s Gulf Speech Drew Fewer Viewers Than Other Recent Addresses

One in five households with television sets watched President Obama’s Oval Office address about the Gulf oil spill disaster on Tuesday night, according to The Nielsen Company. An average of 24 million households and 32 million people tuned in to the almost-20-minute address, according to Nielsen, which only counts at-home viewing.

Only a handful of telecasts – the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, the finale of “American Idol” – can garner more viewers than a presidential address in prime time. But the Tuesday night ratings hint at some fatigue among Americans, either toward President Obama or toward the oil spill.

Mr. Obama’s last speech in prime time, the State of the Union last January, had an average of 48 million viewers, and attracted nearly 30 percent of the households with TV sets. His prime time speech about the war in Afghanistan the prior month had an average of 41 million viewers and about 26 percent of those households.

Many of the commentators on cable news panned Mr. Obama’s address Tuesday night. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, for one, said he did not “sense executive command.” David Gergen, speaking on CNN, said he doubted that Mr. Obama moved the needle of public opinion. Asked about the cable pundit chatter on Wednesday, the White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters, “I appreciate the pulse, the hand on the pulse of America by those who live on cable TV. I don’t actually think that’s where all of real America lives.”

The Nielsen average for Tuesday combines the viewers across the 11 channels that carried the presidential address.

What really amazes me is that the author still tried to deflect with the “or toward the oil spill.” Comment. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The American people are tired of hearing an ineffectual President banter on about raising our taxes to GET IT DONE. This whole first half of his term has been nothing but grab this ring and poke that tax increase. He is as I said a few days ago proposing a tax hike on gas to pay for green technology. Folks it is time to slam the collective units in the door and tell Washington if they do not turn their backs on this agenda they will be looking for the very jobs they have eliminated in the private sector. But hey, they get a pension and health care for life so what do they care. Wake up America. We need term limits, Eliminate the federal pension for senators and Congress. It should not be a career.

No I did not watch the speech last night. I knew what was coming.


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