What do your representatives think of you?

Wow,  did this Congressman really treat voters that way?  He went there knowing they were going to ask the tough questions and what does he do?  Mocks and ridicules them.  Then has the audacity to say he would start a ladder company if we built a wall on the border…  Okay Congressman, what is your answer to the border problem?   From this video the answer is NOTHING!  He thinks the borders are secure.

I can not begin to tell you how this CLOWN upsets me (Sorry to any real clowns who work hard practicing the craft).  He is typical, in my opinion, of the men and women we elect.   Does anyone remember Barbara Boxer saying to a General “Call me Senator I earned it”    Really how did you do that?  By putting yourself above the people you represent?

Time to end the career politician.  I really appreciate people willing to serve but the two-party system and the money now involved limits us to vote for who others think is right.   That is not how it was meant to be.  We were to go from Local to Federal with the local having the most power and the Fed in a supporting role.   The reverse is quickly happening with every bill these arrogant and ignorant Congress people and Senators are passing.


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