Arizona is Ground Zero

Once again the Federal Government has decided that the people are wrong and they know better.  They obviously don’t, based on the agenda being pushed by this administration.

Let’s review, Cap and Trade (on hold), Health care (pushed through with popular support of the people and now immigration (suing a state that basically enacted the federal law at state level.

The DOJ sees fit to sue a state over a self-defense law but let’s a group that blatantly intimidated voters in Philadelphia walk on a pass.  Why is that?  Here is a plan.  Write your Governors and tell them to get a copy of Arizona’s law.  Change nothing and enact it.  I think that might be a pretty clear message.

The Federal Government is overstepping its bounds on a daily basis and with each step our freedom is being taken.  Folks they are coming for Speech and guns next.   Time to get vocal and vote incumbents out.  Any one who voted for any of this, R or D,  should be ousted.  And tell the person you put in office that the expectation is to reduce the size and interference of the federal government in our day-to-day lives.

If we all put pressure on the Feds they either will get the message or very quickly expose their real agenda.  Stripping the wealth from this country and giving it away so they can stay in power


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