Here, I’ll buy your votes with YOUR money.

Obama Urges Increase in Clean Energy Tax Credits
Friday, July 09, 2010
By Erica Werner, Associated Press

President Barack Obama speaks at a campaign fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid D-Nev., in Las Vegas, Thursday, July 8, 2010. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
Las Vegas (AP) – Mixing policy and politics, President Barack Obama called on Congress Friday to expand a clean energy tax credit that could pay off in Nevada, where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is struggling in his re-election campaign.

Obama told an audience at the University of Nevada that a $5 billion increase in clean energy manufacturing tax credits could generate nearly 40,000 jobs. Some of those could arrive in Nevada, where 14 percent unemployment threatens to undermine Reid’s argument that his position as majority leader pays dividends to his state.

“If an American company wants to create jobs and grow, we should be there to help them do it,” Obama said.

Reid, who is seeking a fifth term, has has been pushing hard for investments in solar energy to capitalize on his home state’s scorching climate. He’s had some success attracting projects to the state but he and other Democrats are battling uphill going into November’s critical midterms.

While Obama applauded both Democrats and Republicans for supporting his call for the expanded tax credits, he took a swipe at GOP lawmakers, saying similar bipartisan support has been absent from many of the other efforts he and Reid have promoted, from the massive health care overhaul to Wall Street reform.

“At every turn, we’ve met opposition and obstruction from leaders across the aisle,” he said.

The president wrapped up his two-day swing through Missouri and Nevada by telling voters in econonomically pressed Nevada that the recovery is heading in the right direction, thanks in part to Reid’s leadership.

“Harry was willing to lead those fights because he knew we had to change course, that to do nothing to simply continue the policies that were in place, would mean an even greater disaster,” Obama said.

With national unemployment hovering near 10 percent, and expected to remain around that level through the end of the year, administration officials know that the president’s message on the economy is a tough sell – convincing Americans that the economy would be a lot worse without the president’s policies, most notably the $862 economic stimulus.

With November closing in, Obama has seized on a populist, partisan theme, setting up the election as a choice between the Republican policies he says caused the economic meltdown and his own policies that he argues have spurred a recovery.

Wow! I don’t think I could find a more blatant article about the motivation of these politicians.   Just look at the references to dipping into our pockets to keep the biggest A-hole ever elected to Congress  Harry Reid in office and why.

While I believe the Republicans also have a vested interest in being the nay sayers here   I also know that it was not just Republican policy that took us down this road.  The mortgage fiasco started WAY before Bush.    And to tell the people who Reid can bring home the BACON this blatantly is just sickening.   Anyone from the great state of Nevada who votes for Reid at this point is just feasting at the table and not bringing anything to the meal.  The fat of the land should be worked not pulled from others. (Lots of clichés there huh?)      Time to hold these BOZOs accountable and kick the old out of office and never let one of them collect a federal pension again.

I recently read an e-mail from a 9-12 er who said term limits were a false fix.   I could not disagree more.  If we hold them to serving shorter terms then the drive for re-election money and votes  might diminish.  We need to take the pension off these guys and make them public citizens after their service.  GET A JOB!    We should also take the CUSHY medical away by voting it off in referendums in our own states.   No Pension no Cadillac medical and we need to tell them we want our money spent through our local government for education and roads ( we would need to exclude interstates)  As far as EPA.  All states have one.  ABOLISH IT!  We can end this buy off.   We just need to see our politicians for what they really are.  A drain on society.  No better than a criminal doing life for a series of crimes, but politicians are infinitely more destructive to the society as a whole.

Oh yea here is Reid  at his best.  LYING to get votes.  does anyone really believe the Republicans did not call the currently unemployed Bums and Hobos.  But stated that we would not want to go down that road.  Reid is the biggest POS in the country right now and in My humble opinion is a worm.  I really don’t like to insult worms but, not much else lower except maybe whale turds……


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