The Administration acted Stupidly

Well, Well, Well,   the Administration once again made a snap decision and made the wrong call.  First the Cambridge Police arrest an irate man who was out of control.  The President goes on TV and says the police acted stupidly.  Later he decides to have a beer with the cop and the irate idiot professor to smooth it over.  Do you really think this changes the opinions of the very vocal professor  who was locked up because he did not like getting questioned by the police?  I doubt it.

Now we come to Shirley Sharrod.  Yes, she has some prejudices.  Listen to the entire speech.  She had a traumatic experience at 17 and it took her years to reconcile with it.  She related that story of redemption at the NAACP meeting.  Somehow Breitbart gets a clip and the next thing you know she is being forced to resign.     She said in an interview that she was going to be on Glenn Beck.  I am somewhat comforted by the fact that the Administration is so scared of Glenn.  Maybe he will be the foil that slows this juggernaut.  Or at least a catalyst for the right kind of change.  Anyway Glenn did not run with the story and a reporter from the Atlanta Journal Constitution talked with the farmer mentioned and lo and behold Ms Sherrod did help them  and became their friend by their account.   What a wonderful story.  But this like all of life is a complex story full of twist and turns.   No one is perfect but firing her for this is STUPID.  She definitely still has issues but they are about rich people based on her account.  Rich white people and Fox News.     I smell lawsuit.  This woman and her husband took home 300,000 dollars when she sued the USDA on behalf of black farmers  why would she need any money if she did it for the farmers?.  Wait didn’t she just get fired from there?  See what I mean about twists.  Who hired her and when?

The take home? We the People elected a foolish knee jerk reactionary of a President who has more than once spouted off before he should have and then when the proverbial poop hit the wall, froze (reference the gulf oil crisis).   Take his power away in November but brace for that knee jerk during the lame duck session.  We all know what we will need to do if that happens.   More ex politicians!  Vote!!!!!!


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