The cowardly lion and the scarecrow

I am driving home and listening to a discussion about paying for the health care for the responders of September 11, 2001.  What I found when I started digging was that the reality is that the Cowardly Lion played the hand to stack the deck because it did not want the Scarecrow altering the bill.   So now since you and I don’t understand the house procedures (or so they think)  once again the Cowardly Lions have political cover in that the Scarecrow voted down the bill.   Now, you see, the Scarecrow looks like a villain and the Cowardly lion appears to be standing up for the sick and disabled.

The reality of all is this?  The rules of the House do not require a 2/3 majority to pass a bill  only to override a veto.

Wow Washington at it’s best and another argument for Cleaning HOUSE and SENATE.

Those of us in New jerseys Third Congressional District can start with John Adler.  Who just today sent out an e-mail boasting about how he formed a group to slash government spending.  He wrote:

“Dear Michael,

As your Representative in Congress, I am working to jump start our economy, help the private sector create jobs, and prevent a future economic downturn like the one we experienced last year.

Families, seniors, and small businesses in New Jersey have to balance their budgets, and Congress should be expected to do the same. I am determined to stop excessive government spending and make government more accountable to you.

Recently, I joined several of my colleagues to form the Spending Cuts and Deficit Reduction Working Group.  Together, we have proposed cutting more than $70 billion dollars from the deficit. This may not come close to closing the gap between what we spend and what we collect, but we must start somewhere. I am hopeful that members of both parties will join the group and propose cuts that will help pay down our debt.”

How much?  70 billion….  Now what is the deficit.   Just another weak effort.   Enjoy your vacation John!

Oh yes  John needs spell check.  Jump-Start is hyphenated!



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2 responses to “The cowardly lion and the scarecrow

  1. Tom Long

    I would be happy to support John Adler if he would have stated in his letter that he will never vote to spend even one cent of the taxpayers funds on bills which are not listed in Article 1, Sec. 8 of the US Constitution and thereby permitted by law.
    This would go a long way to reducing the deficit and here’s another idea for John. How about you introduce legislation requiring Mexico to pay reparations to the US taxpayer for the invasion and for the burden they have placed on us for failing to control their side of the border. They can pay us in oil. They have plenty of it even if they have some difficulty getting it out of the ground. We would be happy to help.
    I’ll bet you didn’t know that Fantasyland was a town in John’s district.

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