It’s the States!

Once a long time ago some states in the south decided they were not happy with the Federal Government.  They seceded from the union and what followed was the ugliest war this country has ever seen.  Today 38 states are considering bills to nullify the federal law.


This site has provided the model for a bill for the states to defeat Obamacare.  What a great idea!  38 of the 50 states is a majority large enough to enact a constitutional amendment?    Time the states rise up against the corrupt federal government.    Who should we be pressuring?  Our Local politicians or the far off removed Cowardly Lions and Scarecrows in Washington.   The Tea Parties and 912ers are the grass roots.  Begin to consider petitions for ballot initiatives.  We can overhaul the system.    How about term limits (which as you all know I am big on) and no federal pension for elected officials except the President.  If enough states place these on the ballot and pass them it can be a constitutional amendment.  We have the potential to do this peacefully.  Let’s start the ball rolling.


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