A strange disconnect

There are so many issues facing our country.  Some made by us others driven by outside forces.  But what is becoming apparent is that our government is becoming further and further removed from everyman.   On each and every issue the people show the government how they feel and for the most part it is ignored.

The congress knew the majority of the country did not want health care reform in the bill before our congress.  They voted for it.

The people did not want more bailouts.  The congress created a permanent one in the financial reform bill.

I will not even begin to mention the agencies that create law in the form of rules.  To me that is taxation without representation.

So here is what I am thinking today.  If the American people are so unhappy with their Government and Congress why do they keep electing them and why do they think their congressman or senator are doing such a great job.  Below is a link to a poll by Monmouth University.   It should be noted that a vast majority of people are not happy with our government.  But they seem to not blame the people who are actually doing these things they dislike.


Check it out.  Lets do our own. on this page

BTW  these are not scientific as most of you are of similar political beliefs LOL

Less is more when it comes to Government

Change is good.  Let’s show our Congress that!


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  1. madmike59

    You guys are Bias

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