What is a Conservative?

You know I never really knew what I was politically and a few years back I began to identify with the Conservatives.   Thanks to Ronald Reagan.    He was a man who could turn a phrase and make his point sometimes with guile and sometimes with a big stick.  But either way he made his point.  So  Conservative it is.

Then I start to hear people lay out the agenda and realize I do not agree with all of it.  So am I a liberal?   No way because I really believe in small government or at least more local control.    Maybe I am a libertarian.   Well some would say no way as I think that wars sometimes need to be fought.  Man I am really getting confused.   So let me try to lay out my thoughts on Government and we can all figure it out together

The federal government is out of control.  There are to many overlapping agencies and intrusions into states affairs.   The Department of Education, The EPA,  OSHA, and many others can run roughshod over businesses and communities.

The states have become too dependent on the federal dole and our own representatives are taking our money and making us think they are doing us a favor.  Pork amendments to almost every bill.  A fine example of this is the Bill that just passed on the FAA improvements which morphed into a teacher bailout for one union!

Towns are so used to the fed money they gave away the store to the unions.  Lifetime medical and Police in small communities making 100 thousand dollars a year is beyond reasonable.   But the towns had money flowing in and figured why deal with a  strike just give it to them  The feds will bail us out.

Now for the real tough stuff.

The wars we are currently involved in are a study in contrast.   We needed to invade Afghanistan but we should have done so with all the might we had.   Russia learned the hard way it is a tough country.  We went in kicked butt and then saw a shiny thing in Iraq.  Big mistake.    Iraq was a distraction, one that was executed I believe to set up a base in the Middle East.  The US never  believed we could stay in Afghanistan.  Iraq is a moderate country run by a dictator.  Take him out and we can run out of there.  The end result is we lose control of both fronts. We had to commit many reservists to these battles.  Taking these folks away from their families and jobs.


There is no such thing as too big to fail.  The list of Corporate failures is long.  As long as this countries history.  We made the biggest mistake in history bailing out these financial institutions.   But I believe the Feds had to as they were the ones who let the companies operate the way they did.  Do you mean to tell me the SEC  did not know how much junk these brokerage houses were buying?  And for good measure let’s think about companies that are no longer here that were pretty big.   ARCO, Sears and Roebuck Co (Sears today is an Eddie Lambert holding company bought on the cheap and being propped up by land holdings) K mart too  (see previous parenthetical comment).   How about Mellon Bank  Why was Lehman Brothers allowed to fail?       Question it all folks.


You know for a long time I thought this was a bad idea,  but let’s be real.  Over 50 percent of Heterosexual marriages end in divorce.  We straight folks aren’t doing much to prop up the institution.  So now it comes down to a biblical references.  I heard the Editor in Chief of World News Daily during an interview say he would leave the country is Gay Marriage became the law of the land.  His Christian beliefs told him it was wrong.   Well here is the reality folks.  Gays enter into long term relationships all the time.  Probably as much as straights do.   I have never seen a study but I have to figure that just because they are gay does not mean they can not love.  Either way we the straight people of the US give marriage a pretty bad name on our own.

So that is how I am feeling tonight.    I will let you vote.     Where do you think I fall?


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