Eye Spy with my little mind

It seems George Soros. The Billionaire “Philanthropist” is very upset about the tea parties.     Why would a billionaire target a bunch of everyday people with a web site designed to be a hit piece?   Ladies and Gentlemen I give you


The latest in a long running series of “Philanthropic” endeavors by George Soros.   You see Soros never met a leftist he did not like and never met a Centrist or Right winger he feels is correct.   But rather than actually try to debate the right he decides to slam them with accusations of racism and bigotry.  What better way to stop an argument.

I particularly like the  purpose of the site “TeaPartyTracker.com monitors racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement. We call on the Tea Party to repudiate extremists among their ranks and join in civil dialogue with all Americans”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?   This man runs some of the biggest hit piece blogs on the internet.  Including this one and wants you to believe they are looking for dialogue?   I would have laughed had it not offended me so.   Soros and his ilk want one thing.  Power.  Why would one of the richest men in America not care if his taxes are going to get raised?   Any guesses?   I have one or two and they involve him not really keeping his money here.  But that is for another day.  Today it is about this very weak attempt to scar a very honest and caring group of people who feel the Government no longer represents them.  Take a look at the site and read the posts.   The only thing they have so far is NOTHING.   They go after Glenn Beck (who actually started the 9/12 Project) who did not even start the tea parties.  The video was obviously a vain attempt to get some really bad stuff on some good people.   What I see is an elitist stuck up idiot interviewing real humans from every walk of life who are there for one purpose.  To bring God back into their lives.

All in all this is about as weak as Media Matters.So,  I will tell you check it out for the purpose of knowing what the radical left things of the Tea Party but otherwise ignore the pesky rich gnat and all is Philanthropic money spent to overthrow the US government.


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