Burn it or Build it

Wow, have you ever felt like you were backed into a corner and there was nowhere to go but right through the person causing the entrapment?   Well folks we are there.    Let’s evaluate how we got here.   A few months back it was revealed that there was a Islamic Community center being planned two blocks from the Former World Trade Center.   Needless to say the sides were quickly chosen and even our President felt compelled to chime in on the Constitutionality of building this Community Center with a mosque inside.

Okay so our Constitution says they can build a mosque.   And this man comes out and speaks to an Islamic audience with some of the most pandering remarks I have ever heard.   Remember this Christian did not take part in the National Day of Prayer.

Those who are against the mosques LOCATION are now being portrayed as bigots and haters.  Have we seen this tactic before?

Well all of that is old news until you add one really crazy Southern  Christian Minister who decides on September 11 to burn some Korans to make a point.   Bear in mind this guys total sphere of influence up until SOMEBODY put the story on the internet was 50 people.  His total congregation is slightly larger than a NFL Roster.  Take a look at the sideline next game  you will get the idea.

Well surely this is freedom of speech right?  Well not according to this guy

Wait.  So it is okay to build a mosque when a vast majority of people are against it  but burning a book to protest  a mass murder is wrong?

Now  here is the clincher folks and why we are now in a corner.

Imam Rauf has said that had he known that this would have caused such an uproar he would not have built it there.  But now it is too late and if he moves it, it will cause the Islamic world to see us as intolerant and could cause severe repercussions.

Our President says burning the Koran is bad and now moving the mosques is bad.   We need a really solid answer here folks.  What would be good?  What would cause these men and women of this “peaceful religion” to stop attacking us.  Where is the guarantee?  We don’t have one and our real enemy is still out there.  And even if we submit to this “COMMUNITY CENTER” , we are still the bad guy.

We have two choices.  One is to capitulate and hope for peace and the other is to stand for what is right (not what is legal) .  This country has always had a contract of peaceful understanding.   That means something may be legal but it might not be right.  So it is not done.  Ask a man not to do something and give them a few good reasons why not and a reasonable person will not do it.   But this argument is being turned on us. They are playing the PC card.

Back to the Minister.   He said he would not burn the Koran is the Imam would move the mosque.  Both are bad things and should not happen but it seems to me that the crazy preacher might be the sanest person in the country.  He at least understands that both are not good and is saying he will stop if they do.  Seems to me this nut job as he is being called turned the tables on the Imam.

How will this end?  Your guess is as good as mine but I will tell you this.   I would have sat the Imam down in private and told him in no uncertain terms that the people of this country do not want that building at that location.  I would also say his comment about if he knew about the fuss he would not have done it, was exactly the reason not to.  So don’t!

As fur the preacher.  Same discussion off stage.

I don’t like being backed into a corner.   And I will not be.

Move the site of the Community Center and stop burning books.


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  1. SpeakUpNJ

    Waiting for Reasoned Positions of LEADERSHIP from this President is like the definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! Obama has NO experience in leadership. Had we been able to fully review his resume we would have laughed at him aspiring to be a candidate for President. Since the media decided we should be kept in the dark about him however, we now as a nation are paying a terrible price. Just remember November 2, 2010…vote away his ability to get whatever he wants from Congress. November 6, 2012, flush this manchild down the hopper!

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