Afghans hound us

I can not believe what I am reading.   Three days of protest in Afghanistan?   I can only assume that these protests are just the radical,  because they were chanting:


Angry protesters chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Christians

Wow I did not hear many of our protesters asking for death to all Muslims.   Maybe one or two wackos but a mass demonstration calling for the end of Islam has not happened here  YET.

But in Afghanistan there have been three days of protests.

Now I am not a trained counter terrorist but if I had a group of Muslims shouting death to America, I would have to assume they mean us harm.  So why are these protests going unanswered.   Would this not be a good time to eliminate the enemy while they are all together?

Well now that I have taken my tongue out of my cheek I will say this.   This reaction  a three-day protest  about an event that did not happen is a fine example of how hard-line most of the Islamic world is.   Wake up people there is no moderation when it comes to their religion.  That is why faction fights faction regularly.

The Iran Iraq war was a sectarian battle.  The three majority factions in Iraq are finding it hard to work together.   Just like religious wars of different faiths this world is a world of hard beliefs.  You are either with them or against them.   I am beginning to believe the moderate Muslin is a very small minority.  Watch that video again.  Young and old alike.

The Afghans are showing how they really feel about us.  Death to America?  Maybe I could see outrage at the Minister but the whole Country?   We are going to have a long road.  And it will be rocky.


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