Building Mike’s Sand Castles

It seems Mike Castle is a little upset about the Tea party Candidate raining on his legacy.  Well Mike I for one am glad you are uncomfortable.   What I am sad to see is what a true hypocrite you really are.  You are nothing but a pandering whiny baby of a politician who cries about out-of-state money  like the comments below:

Rep. Mike Castle is blaming the influence of outsiders for the closer-than-expected GOP Senate primary he’s locked in against tea party favorite Christine O’Donnell.

Castle, who last faced a primary election challenger in 1992, said the six-figure sums pumped into the state by the Tea Party Express, and the recent endorsements of O’Donnell by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, prove that his opposition is being powered by out-of-state forces.

“This has been a complete out-of-state operation, a political action committee from California, a couple people from Washington, D.C., and that’s it. It’s not been a local campaign. It’s not had local donations,”

Well Mike you are building  a foundation of sand.  Sand Castle is my new name for you.   Lets put out there your top contributors.

Rank  ↓ Contributor  ↓ Total  ↓ Indivs  ↓ PACs  ↓
1 Humanscale Corp $33,850 $33,850 $0
2 Richards, Layton & Finger $31,700 $31,700 $0
3 Young, Conaway et al $31,330 $31,330 $0
4 Bank of America $21,200 $11,200 $10,000
5 Bank of New York Mellon $17,650 $7,650 $10,000
6 AstraZeneca PLC $16,200 $7,200 $9,000
7 Humanscale $15,500 $15,500 $0
8 Goldman Sachs $15,400 $15,400 $0
9 Morris, Nichols et al $15,150 $15,150 $0
10 NorPAC $14,469 $14,469 $0
11 DuPont Co $14,350 $6,850 $7,500
12 Marvin & Palmer Assoc $11,800 $11,800 $0
13 Aetna Inc $11,500 $1,500 $10,000
14 Ernst & Young $11,250 $1,250 $10,000
15 Credit Union National Assn $11,000 $1,000 $10,000
16 Wilmington Trust Corp $10,950 $5,950 $5,000
17 Susquehanna International Group $10,800 $10,800 $0
18 Associated Builders & Contractors $10,500 $500 $10,000
18 Capital One Financial $10,500 $500 $10,000
20 PricewaterhouseCoopers $10,300 $300 $10,000

In your defense Mike there are a couple of Delaware Companies in there.  Law Firms and a lender who probably got bailed out  LOL

Either way sir there is plenty of out-of-state money in your pocket and you ought to find a record to turn on.  Oh wait, like many other sitting politicians  you don’t have one.  Sorry Mike  maybe tomorrow Christine O’Donnell will offer you a seat  outside of Washington.


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