It is Official! Mike Castle is a T==d

An aide to FORMER State Senator Mike Castle announced today he would not endorse Christine O’Donnell.  For this Mike Castle has officially been promoted to the level of SCUM!    The article is from CBS

What is really interesting is the comment in the article is the reference to Castle’s Sexual proclivity.  Well after the ads I heard from Mike Castle,  I don’t feel sorry for him!  He threw more mud at O’Donnell that many people could bear.  To her credit  everything she tossed at him was issue oriented.  I never saw any reference to the aforementioned orientation.  Why would it matter I am pretty sure there are Gays in Congress.  I could easily name one!

In my humble opinion Mike Castle is an ELITIST who believes he should rule along with Joe Biden and many other sitting legislators.

I would call him worse for not endorsing his opponent but I know he does not care!

Is Christine O’Donnell perfect.   NO!   But  you who are without sin cast the first stone

Good Job to the Tea Parties and now we only have seven weeks until the mid-term


Based on Facebook

11,731 People Like This   Christine O’Donnell!/supportchristine?ref=ts

2,829 People Like This     Chris Coons

Yea she can’t win.  Get out there and work for the next few weeks and tell the old guard to shut the heck up!  Especially Karl Rove.


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