And now for the matter of the First

Dale Gladding is running against perennial nice guy Rob Andrews.  I don’t think I ever met a person in his district or even mine that would not say he is a nice guy.  That much is true but while he is smiling and saying yes to his constituents he is reaching into your pocket and taking your money in droves.

Andrews voted with his party almost 99 percent of the time.   To me that might be a nice guy but it may also indicate a person who is not the type of leader we need today.   No it seems more like Rob Andrews is looking more and more like a party player who will tell you he cares about you but is actually selling you down the river to his party.

For those of you in the First District I can make this clear for you.   Dale Gladding started a foundation to reach out and help prisoners find faith and something to believe in.  He does this work without federal money.   This organization seems to be the model for what a 501 (3) c  should be.   Privately funded and improving the lives of the downtrodden.  That is good stuff!

Rob Andrews?  Well he keeps voting on pork barrel amendments with his party and saying “AYE” to the biggest federal deficit in history.

I heard today the recession ended in June 2009  I was floored.  Because we are still struggling with the effects and mightily.  Why is that?   Well history shows that big federal deficits have lots to do with it.  So folks if you know anyone who lives in the First Congressional District in New Jersey get out in November and vote for Dale Gladding.  Let’s see if the real world will be as nice to Rob Andrews.


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