The left eating their own!

Back when Richard Nixon was President and running for reelection there was a little incident  (LOL) at the Watergate hotel where some plumbers taped doors to the Democratic headquarters.  Well one phone call lead that back to an organization named CREEP.   A truly sad acronym for Nixon campaign. Committee to Reelect the President.

Well two reporters from the Washington Post in conjunction with an unknown source at the time called Deep Throat put it squarely on Nixon and forced his resignation through the impeachment process.  Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein did a great job of blowing the lid off a small conspiracy to elect a Republican President.

Fast forward to 2010 and Bob Woodward is still doing investigative reporting and he puts out a book saying that our current President is basically a big wimp who just wants out of any foreign war with a minimum of effort.

Suddenly this darling of the left Mr. Woodard is a slug who is twisting the facts.  I refer to the Huffing ton Post  PLease folks read this and understand that the left could care less about you or anyone else they care about themselves:

Read the comments carefully!  They are feasting on people they thought were on the same side but who actually may be reporting the TRUTH!

I trust very few of the fourth estate but Woodward actually attacked the sitting President and the left went after him with a vengeance.  To be sure Woodward may be an anarchist and hates all government but at least he prints what he finds.  He may be telling us not to trust ANYONE in the power structure.   He might be right!


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