Fast Eddie wants Democrats to vote blindly

Perennial bad guy and Pennsylvania’s chief idiot came out in defense of his party.  Sleazy Ed Rendell (can you tell I don’t like the Gov one bit) wants the people who are Democrats to buck up.   Here is the story from the Politico

By ANDY BARR | 10/5/10 12:44 PM EDT Updated: 10/5/10 12:59 PM EDT

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell says discouraged liberals need to “get over it” and support the Democratic Party, before they regret it.

“This isn’t about President [Barack] Obama,” Rendell said on MSNBC’s “Last Word” Monday night. “It’s about whether the Democratic Party, not perfect, but certainly bent on trying to preserve theories in government and progressive practices, is going to be in charge of the Congress or the Republican Party. And it’s not the Republican Party of old. This is a scary Republican Party.”

Of conflicts the left has had with Obama, Rendell said, “We ought to get over it.”

“If we’ve got some issues with President Obama, save them for another day,” he said.

The retiring Democratic governor said he had no issue with challenges from the left during primary campaigns. But with the primaries over and less than a month before Election Day, he said it’s time for Democrats to unite.

“If the left or moderate wing of our party wants to challenge somebody, I think it’s fair game,” he said. “But that’s all over.

“We need to all of us get over it, get out to vote, even if there’s not a wildly enthusiastic vote,” Rendell added. “There’s an old maxim on politics, a tepid vote counts exactly the same as a wildly enthusiastic vote. Let’s keep the Congress.”

Wow did Rendell just miss the whole point or what?   Does Fast Eddie really think the people’s issues are with Barack Obama only?  Newsflash Ed.   The Democrat Party is a Progressive (Socialist) movement taking the nation on a path to government dependency. Many regular people know this is wrong and don’t want this to happen. Rendell supposes that the left is mad at Obama and the Democrats, nothing could be further from the truth.  The left is FINE with Obama and is trying desperately trying to blame the rest of the country for his failures.   Something tells me the rest of us will take that credit and hand the Left some big defeats this November.

As far as the average voter is concerned the Congress is the biggest culprit and the voters are letting that be known.   First we will cut the head off the beast.  Pelosi and Reid must go and then we will strike the fatal blow in 2012 by taking the Presidency away from the people who have clearly exposed themselves as Socialists and Communists.  The 10-02-10 Rally was a real wake up call for the rest of the nation.   A conglomerate of Federal, State,  Municipal Unions, Communists and Socialists and lets not forget the race baiters rallying in Washington to take over the country.

Here is the deal folks on the left.  We the People want jobs too.  We want Private Sector jobs that will flourish in an environment not totally controlled by the Federal Government.  We don’t want Cap and Trade.  We don’t want Universal Healthcare (we want real reform).  We don’t want the Government spending us into China’s hands.

Time to take out the extreme left.  And good riddance to the outgoing Governor of Pennsylvania.  But I have a feeling this political sleaze ball will be back.  Look at the DNC,  his name will pop up somewhere  SADLY


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