Fun things the POTUS has said…

If you are a fan of the President this post is not for you.   Here are some things our President has said that I find amusing

President Barack Obama’s message to thousands of African-Americans who came to see the man they voted for two years ago was simple: Get out and vote for the Democratic ticket in next month’s mid-term elections, even though he’s not on the ballot.

“Don’t make me look bad, now,” he quipped.

Don’t worry Mr President you are doing fine on your own!
This is definitely not a partisan statement from the nations supposed leader:

“If the other side wins, they’ll try their hardest to give free rein back to insurance companies, credit card companies & Wall St. banks.”

No! They will give control of Business back to Private industry.   See GM Takeover.  Can you say divisive?  I can.



It’s up to all of us to defend that most basic American principle of a government of, by, and for the people.

Do you mean Government over, around and through the people?  Credit to Speaker Pelosi for that reference.



Elizabeth Warren understands what I strongly believe—that a strong, growing economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class.

No… Ms Warren understands that a strong central Government taking from the rich will get votes from the poor.


The next two were tweeted on the same day.

Extending tax cuts for the middle class is right, it is just, and it will help our economy.

Announcing the expansion of the Educate to Innovate initiative live from the White House.

So we can expand programs and cut taxes?  How so Mr President?  Plus if the middle class tax cut would help the country why would a tax cut for people who spend MORE money help?  Funny huh!


On Veterans day the POTUS tweeted this:

Today we grieve for those we’ve lost, honor those who have sacrificed, and do our best to live up to the values we share.

What I am wondering is who are his “WE”  because I guarantee he and I share very few values.  Me? I value freedom and choice.  I value liberty and freedom. Does anyone have a clue what he values other than tax and spend?  And this from a man who is only trying to get out of a war.  Not win.

Please feel free to post your favorite quote from our President.  And if you don’t find these funny please post ones you think are important.  I would love to read them.



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2 responses to “Fun things the POTUS has said…

  1. SpeakUpNJ

    Surely you jest when you ask this question:”Does anyone have a clue what HE values other than tax and spend? ” You only have to listen to this guy for less than 2 minutes and you will hear in the “I”, “me”, “my” words dozens of times what HE VALUES! He values Barack Hussien Obama above all else! In his warped mind (the mind idolized as a super-intellectual by millions of non-thinking media zombied Americans) he is The Messiah not for America, but for the World. So, whatever he says will ALWAYS in some way come back to HIM or making HIM or HIS AGENDA look good, or be point fingers that OTHERS are keeping HIM from doing the RIGHT THING! Why?, you ask. Geez, don’t you get it yet? Why, because HE is the only one on the planet that knows The Answer. And please do not ask,” The Answer to what?” you dumb bible and gun clinging hick, and do not dare question HIS judgement you lowly unibrow numb-nut! OMNIPOTENCE is a heavy enough load for HIM to carry without your smart-assed questioning of HIS “absolute rightness”!

    Hmmm…Thanks for the opportunity to vent!

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