Harry Reid Flopping like a fish out of water

Harry Reid up to his old tricks is both crying that he really tried hard to fix the problem only one month after he said he had nothing to do with it.

As he fights for his political life in Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tells ABC News he wishes he could have done more to help his state recover from the recession.

“We have worked really, really hard,” Reid told ABC News. “But it was such a deep hole. And I wish we could’ve done more, and I look back, I realize how much more we have to do.”

“Have we done enough? Of course not,” Reid said.

Last month, Reid told ABC News he had “nothing to do with” Nevada’s economic woes. The state has the highest unemployment rate – 14.4 percent – in the country.

“You know that I had nothing to do with the massive foreclosures here,” Reid said last month. “You know that I had nothing to do with these unemployment figures.”

Although he now says he wishes he could have done more, Reid says he deserves credit for his work as senate majority leader to boost the economy.

“I kept the Senate in continuous session longer than any time in the history of the country,” Reid said. “We have been trying to dig our way out of this immense hole we found ourselves in, and we have a long ways to get out. Eight million jobs were lost in the last administration. We’ve gotten three-and-a-half million of them back. Have we done enough? Of course not.”

On Wednesday, Reid joined with Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood to announce a high-speed rail project called the Desert Express that will bring passengers to and from Las Vegas and southern California.

“Over three years, the Desert Express will bring, we don’t really know how many jobs, but well over 30,000,” Reid said. “The estimates are from 30- to 40,000. Jobs in construction, commerce, and convention business. Jobs in tourism, transportation.”

And on Thursday, Secretary Lahood was once again at Reid’s side announcing the completion of another big federal transportation project that Reid helped bring to Nevada: The Hoover Dam Bypass, a massive $240 million bridge adjacent to Hoover Dam.

Reid and Lahood where proud of the bridge they built to bypass the Hoover Dam.  They built a bridge that looms over the Dam so that traffic could bypass the slow traffic over it.    Do you think that for one minute people will not drive slowly over that bridge that WE paid for slowly just for the view!   Now he wants to build a high-speed rail line from California to Vegas?   The Desert Expense is more like it.  Any objective review of rail lines today shows that are losers.    Let look at a short list.  The Atlantic City Rail line from Philadelphia.. FAIL.  The Riverline…  Cutting back big time and on the verge of failure.    Most transportation experts will tell you buses are the right way to go.   How long will it take for Reid’s Desert Express to be just like Amtrak and be a money sucking entity subsidized by the Feds.

Now back to the first issue.     This is a true politicians answer to any problem.    I could have done more  it but I had nothing to do with it.  It would be great to see Harry be unemployed.  Except he gets paid by us even when he leaves office.   Doesn’t that stink!


One more thing for Senator Reid.  Your question was have we done enough?  Yes sir in fact you have gone too far


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