DeStefano and Adler’s desperate press conference

Pete DeStefano, filed for bankruptcy. I would never wish this situation on anyone.   This is a really drastic step in a person’s life,  Eepecially when you are middle-aged.   The scar it leaves on your finances is large and does not fade for a long time.  For some odd reason the first report of this comes from the AP.  Not sure why local reporters would not break this story.   No joy in this misfortune.   Good Luck Pete  maybe you should withdraw your name from the ballot and focus on fixing your life.   Good Luck and Godspeed.

Now for the real fun part.    On Friday John Adler called a press conference and in his usual “No I did not but he did” style.  Went on the attack on Jon Runyan.   Mentioning Runyan’s comment about tax loopholes from the debate last week.   Anyone reading this want to close all the loopholes that save us taxes?    I know if the Government want to keep taking 30% or more of my salary I want all the loopholes I can get. Adler said that these loopholes are shipping jobs overseas.   Bad news John high taxes and production costs are shipping jobs and Runyan was right at the debate in Cherry Hill.

Next he says that Runyan hired Chris Russell to manage his campaign and that Chris attacked him in 2008 while he was running against Myers for Congress.  But he did not know anyone who helped DeStefano get on the ballot.  He said it was because the sources where anonymous.   So here is the fun part.  Adler is hoping this goes away.  The fake tea party candidate (who may have been unknowingly used by some Democrat operatives) probably does not really know who got him signatures.  But the sources and we do since the petitions have already been examined and prominent Democrat names appear on those petitions.   Why would any Democrat operative of activist sign a petition for  ANYONE to run against Adler?     Do you think that logic works.   I know it does.   So now for Chris Russell.  If what was put out there was false why did Adler not do something then?     can tell you that ever mailer I get in this campaign from both sides have a fat check listing right on the paper.    Wanna bet that one did too.

Adler is a desperate man in a desperate situation and poking the enemy with straw man attacks is an old tired tactic.

And my favorite comment was that Adler said he ran a clean and fair campaign.    I am pretty sure Adler’s first mailer was an attack on a perfectly legal tax break for farm land that Jon Runyan owns.

Let’s see that mailer one more time and you tell me if you think it was clean or fair.

Clean and Fair?   This ad came out 1 day after Labor Day, the traditional start of campaign season.  Less that 24 hours after the opening gun  Adler and the Democrats went muddy.  Mr Adler you are doing everything you are accusing others of!

And how about using mailers paid for with your tax dollars to advertise for himself.

Sure looks like he was trying to tell us how hard he works for us.   This is wasting taxpayer money to run for office.

Adler is a shameless politician who will say NOTHING to get elected.  I say nothing because John is one of those guys who will talk for 5 minutes and never really answer the question. Look at his press conference.  Not one substantive issue just muddying the water.



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3 responses to “DeStefano and Adler’s desperate press conference

  1. SpeakUpNJ

    Hey…I always knew the guy was a slimeball liar. But he was always billed as this “sharp” thinker. So he needs to tell me again the argument on how Tax Loop Holes were shipping American Jobs Overseas? Does he really mean…corporations move overseas because the taxes are lower than US and they therefore can thrive and grow in a foreign country and at least compete in the global markets…THAT is the loop hole. And to CLOSE that loophole…the Liberal Job Killers say…Hey lets MAKE them STAY here, tax the living hell out of our own corporations and make them go out of business right here on our soil??…I just don’t get it John…you went to Harvard…but you are starting sound just like the other Harvard Nincumpoop in the Whitehouse….can you get the PhD degree in Progressive Liberal Bullcrap at Harvard now by just mailing in money?!

  2. SpeakUpNJ

    What a great money saving idea! I’ll would bet you’d save $500 Billion the first year they all were out of government!

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