Be Afraid of PBS

Just when you thought it was safe to watch PBS (LOL  Sorry I could not think of a better way to start this one)   along comes the next inculcation of our children at the hands of Public Television.       I saw this earlier toady and was amazed at how insidious it is.    Watch this!


The villain is Mercury!   And the threat is that it will wind up in landfills.     That is great that we tell our kids that but here is the question.


WHY ARE WE NOT SHOWING THIS TO CONGRESS?  And maybe we can make it about Compact florescent bulbs.  They contain mercury don’t they?     Here is an awesome video of  what we need to do if one breaks.

Anyone else seeing the hypocrisy here.   Liberals want to tell us what bulbs to use and they are toxic.   But video games are evil.


And now for recycling.   Guess who is funding these Environmental clips that are fake cartoons to indoctrinate children into fear that the world will end if they use everyday items.   Watch and see who the Funding came from.

Another argument for getting rid of the EPA!  Run away Agency Alert!


Vote your favorite Democrat out on November 2




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2 responses to “Be Afraid of PBS

  1. SpeakUpNJ

    Everyday in million ways we plainly see how we can reduce to extinction our debt. Reduce the size of government by 50%! What will we lose? Well these assine, propaganda fear mongering videos for a start. But that is small potatoes, we should just eliminate all these Depts and Agencies and Czars etc etc that just waste money giving us “STUFF” from the Government we do not need or want. Whoa!! “light bulb”…the NEW “Story of Stuff”…only this time the useless stuff…is the Government…I wonder if I can get a DOEucation grant for $50,000,000 to develop that idea! Cna you see the New Story of Stuff” getting Public School air time??

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