Things I could care less about!

1.  Obama’s trip to Mumbia.    First off we don’t really know the real cost but at this point we can’t stop it and we have bigger fish to fry.    What is really happening?  Besides he will be out of the country.  For me Obama in a foreign land is the perfect world.  Maybe after he loses his Presidency he will move to Kenya and live as he wants.   Doubtful as his children are now accustomed to being treated like royalty and they will want that to continue.  Poor kids.

2. Keith Olbermann gets suspended from MSNBC.  DO any of you really think this will make a difference at that station?   My God I think Olbermann may be the most sane of all of them.   Maddow?  Ed Schultz?  And the very tingly Chris Matthews!    Why do we even care.    I know I am deleting every e-mail that is being sent to me about this yawner.   Anyone think he won’t be back.   RATINGS people RATINGS!

3.The Green Agenda.  This is the most contrary bunch of buffoons and left-wing idiots I have ever met.   On one hand they cry about mercury in the environment but they demand we all use light bulbs made in China that contain mercury!  They cry about the polluting oil and even got the elite Washington crowd to make it a national security issue (which by the way it is) but they will not drill or refine here!  What are they STUPID?   Yes!!!!!!!  That I can say unequivocally.  Drill refine and let private industry find alternate energy.   Please  will someone name one government-funded alternative energy that is really productive!

4.  Kerry not paying his tax bill on the yacht his wife bought him.  Give me a break folks the people of Mass. do not care.  He is a legend there.  Who else could marry the wife of a former senator who happened to be rich and parlay that into an elitist life so full of insulation he thinks every voter is stupid.  Bush was not great but he was hands down a better man than Kerry!

5.  Finally.   Nancy Pelosi’s place in the next congress.  If I never hear the voice of this woman who looks like Skelator  I will be happy.   Personally I think every Democrat in the House should vote for Steny Hoyer.   Not that he is a peach but he is NOT Pelosi.  Who took every Democrat in the house down a road to self-destruction. So maybe I do care about this but I have no say.   I will hope that the Dems find it in their hearts to kick her to the curb.   Any bets they won’t?


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  1. madmike59

    Folks just now! At 9 15Pm on Twitter

    mikeallen Mike Allen
    MSNBC’s Phil Griffin in statement: Keith Olbermann will be back Tuesday night — “an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy”
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