Democrats avert a tough decision by using the backdoor again!

The cowardly lions surfaced again this week.  Led of course by the one person that the cowardly lions should be throwing under the bus.  November 2 was a horrible day for the Democrat party and one of the leaders of that tragic day was Nancy Pelosi (Reid being the other)  Pelosi’s Congress yielded more seats to the opposition than any congress in more than 60 years.  The funny part is that Nancy likes to point out it was not here fault.  Here is how the Cowardly Lion in charge spun the dismal performance of her congress, which never actually addressed the issues that faced the nation but pushed through some of the most government enlarging, regulatory agency creating bills ever passed and quickly.  Nancy said

“We didn’t lose the election because of me,” Ms. Pelosi told National Public Radio in an interview that aired Friday morning. “Our members do not accept that.”

Instead, the California Democrat attributes the loss of at least 60 seats to high unemployment and “$100 million of outside, unidentified funding.”

“Any party that cannot turn (9.5% unemployment) into political gains should hang up the gloves,” she said.

Hey Nancy, any party that let’s it get to that point deserves to lose.  Let’s say it that way.   You, Reid and Obama ignored the real issues to get your agenda done.  Now you are paying for it.  So yes you did lose because of you and your leadership!

So drunk with power is Fancy Nancy that she absolutely does not believe she has anything to do with it and she will do anything to stay number one.   Like what, you might ask?  Well how about push the two people who have a real chance of taking leadership and maybe placating voters and pushing them into a tussle for the number two job.   Then brokering a deal which creates a new leadership role, a #3 as it where.   So here is an article from the Wall Street Journal.

Democrats Sidestep Leadership Fight

House Democrats brokered a truce Friday night that will allow Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Whip James Clyburn to remain in leadership without a divisive caucus vote next week.

Under the terms of the deal, Mr. Hoyer will become whip, keeping the No. 2 post when Democrats return to the minority next year, and Mr. Clyburn will remain No. 3 in the leadership by assuming an as-yet-unnamed position.

The arrangement solves a political problem for the House Democrats as they set their leadership slate for the new Congress. Many had bristled at being asked to eject either Mr. Clyburn, the sole African American in the leadership, or Mr. Hoyer, who is considered more centrist in his views than is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Ms. Pelosi, who is seeking the job of minority leader in the next Congress, announced the deal late Friday night in a statement sent by her office.

“Should I receive the honor of serving as House Democratic leader, I will nominate Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina to the number three leadership position,” Ms. Pelosi said in a statement e-mailed Friday night.

Messrs. Clyburn and Hoyer had engaged in a public campaign over the whip job, a post Mr. Clyburn holds in name and one Mr. Hoyer claims in rank. Mr. Hoyer held an edge in public support.

Neither Mr. Hoyer, of Maryland, nor Mr. Clyburn has commented publicly on the deal.

A source close to Mr. Clyburn said a number of members remained undecided heading into the weekend, because they didn’t want to choose one Democrat over the other. “This solution would maintain the diversity of the caucus as well as the wishes of the majority of the caucus that (Mr. Clyburn) remain in the number three leadership post,” the source said in an e-mail Saturday.

Connecticut Rep. John Larson is still running uncontested for the job of caucus chairman, the No. 4 post in the majority. It looks like he’ll be able to keep that job, because Ms. Pelosi is creating a new post for Mr. Clyburn.

So Pelosi makes a grand announcement claiming she will be the leader and that Hoyer and Clyburn will sit in the back seat.  How wonderful of her.  Odd that neither man has yet made a statement.  Clyburn is really the one getting burned here.  But now I have to wonder what perks will be awarded to this new #3 position created to placate him and the Congressional Black caucus.  Opps.   Did I mention that Clyburn was black and getting pushed aside by Pelosi.  What would you do?  Make room at the table is what she did.

Here is how it is covered in the above article in case you missed it.

“This solution would maintain the diversity of the caucus as well as the wishes of the majority of the caucus that (Mr. Clyburn) remain in the number three leadership post,” the source said in an e-mail Saturday.

See, they used that magic word.  Diversity.   How nice of them to make sure you know they are diverse.   And as far as Clyburn maintaining the number three post.  He held the job they are giving Hoyer (the actual #3 job when in the majority) and demoting him to a made up spot to placate the other members (on your dime folks).    Like I said  COWARDLY LIONS!


Even the CBC knows this is Bull!  But Roll Call or at least the author of this post thinks that Clyburn’s wish to keep his Whip position is divisive.

CBC Chairwoman Reserves Judgment on Deal

One of Majority Whip James Clyburn’s most ardent supporters in his divisive battle (emphasis added by madmike) for the No. 2 spot in Democratic leadership next year is reserving judgment on a deal announced late Friday that would keep the South Carolina lawmaker in his current third-ranking slot.

I think not.   I think it is more divisive to let Fancy Nancy dictate anything after the road she led that party down.

One more thing.   We conservatives relish this having Nancy at the top of the Democrat party can only help our cause.  She is blind to reality and will cause more issues.  Looking forward to 2012?   I am



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2 responses to “Democrats avert a tough decision by using the backdoor again!

  1. SpeakUpNJ

    The entire episode gives any voter that has a brain tremendous insight into just how the Liberal Left Democratic Party operates on themselves…because they do exactly the same on America! They are all lies and smoke and mirrors and greed. This entire little saga is about ” I, Me, Mine”. What can “I” get, what are “my” perks, who can “I” control! Look at that activity…you see Democratic governance of America! But…there still are millions of Americans…Unions, Special Interests, Environmental Crazies etc that VOTE like that…so Liberal Democrats do have a “base! Their Base mirrors the Party. The problem becomes ours when the BASE says they mirror the COUNTRY! My question s , “Do they?” We will see in the next two years.

    • madmike59

      Ask yourself where are the Liberal groups centered and why do they seem to outvote the conservative part of the country. It is easy Cities!

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