5 things I never saw coming…..

1 Nancy Pelosi retaining control of the Democrat party.  Here is a woman who is so far left and so power-hungry that she would promise ANYTHING to any democrat to get their vote on an agenda driven vote.   She by herself  led to the most historic swing in the house in anyone’s lifetime.  If she was from any state other than California she would not even have a job right now but the pot laden liberal San Fransisco crowd keep electing the richest woman they know to protect the broke state.  Fools!

2;  I NEVER saw Harry Reid winning and bringing the DREAM ACT back.   Reid while in the best position of power by a Democrat Majority Leader of the Senate snuck the DREAM into a military spending bill and did not get it done.  HE HAD the majority.  But he could not bring the cows home.  SO what happened?  He built a really nice bridge next to the Hoover Dam because it was congested.  The odd thing is the bridge is so high that you can look down on the dam for a REALLY scenic view.  What will that traffic jam look like.   Reid is a consummate snake and the people of Arizona confound me.  They vote for a law to stop illegals and then re-elect a guy who is against the bill.   WAKE UP ARIZONA!

3.  A federal court letting most of the charges against a bomber (TERRORIST) go while convicting him of only the most benign charge.  This guy gathered the needed items to make the bomb.  He bought the cell phone.  He is a bad man and a federal judges did not see that.   No the federal judge disallowed the testimony and the jury never heard most of the stuff this evil man did.  Nice Job your honor.   Look in the mirror!  Resign!   Wait don’t because BHO will only appoint another Lib activist reactionary judge.  Stay put and we will replace you when a Conservative is in office.   Oh and BTW  an honorable mention to Eric Holders Justice department for failing to make a slam dunk case stick (Black Panthers anyone?)


4. Joy Behar said she was childless by choice.  Really Joy  YOU made the decision to not have children?   I have to figure with your personality that the men who have entered your life probably ran so fast Michael Johnson would be proud and you want to tell me YOU decided.   LOL  Stop Joy.  You have the personality of a rattle snake and the mouth of an idiot.   You have uttered more venomous, evil,  dumb comments than Bill Maher.   No  I take that back  Maher is your equal with different body parts but the same arrogant, self-centered, condescending attitude and both of you should sit in a room together and talk about how superior you are to the rest of us.  By all means enter the room  but I will hold the key!


5.  A report today that states with high taxes will lose house seats to states with low taxes.   Wait, are they trying to tell me that people are MOVING out of states with high taxes into other states to avoid paying taxes.   Joe Biden would be mad at how unpatriotic these people in this country are.   Hold On!  I just thought of something.  If states that have low taxes (usually conservative) get more representatives would that only take the house in a more conservative direction in 2012?   OMG!  I just figured out that high taxes are not a good thing.   They are so bad that they will cause people to rent moving vans.  Now I am confused.  Isn’t renting moving vans and buying houses good for the economy?  So states with High taxes are good for the economy,  well,  for every state but theirs.   I feel better knowing that.  Except I live in a state with high taxes.  Now I don’t feel so good.


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