Every year we hear this. Why?

I work in retail and I have to tell you it is only getting worse.   Stores are now staying open on Thanksgiving and running deals that cost them big money to get you in the door.  I am not sure who is crazier.  The retailers that want to take your money at an ever earlier time.  Or you who get up (or do not go to bed at all) early to beat everyone else to a deal.  On Black Friday Target was the victim of their own advertizing when this incident occurred.

Crazed shoppers pile up at Target

Updated: Friday, 26 Nov 2010, 8:41 PM EST
Published : Friday, 26 Nov 2010, 6:58 AM EST

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Shoppers waited out in the cold wet weather for hours. When the doors opened at 4 a.m. the Black Friday chaos turned ugly.

Seconds after the doors opened, something went dangerously wrong. Crazed Black Friday shoppers began piling up on each other.

“It went from controlled to a mob in less than five minutes and it just got nasty,” said a shopper.

When officials heard the screams, they ran over right away to help.Shopper Rich Mathewson said, “It was a lot of angry people just jumping in after we waited patiently for a long time. It actually started way before that, people started getting angry at everybody.”

After it happened, one man bent over in pain but he took off into the North Buffalo Target store seconds later, along with everyone else. Seconds after the pile up, shoppers got back to business. News 4 called store officials to see if anyone was injured, but no one was available to comment.

Target released this response following the incident:
The safety of our guests and team members is a top priority. We take this incident very seriously. Target plans well in advance of Black Friday and employs numerous crowd management tactics to prevent incidents. We continually analyze and improve those plans, and will do so in this case, to help ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

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Watch the  man pulled from the pile lean on the wall for a few seconds look around and realize others will get what he came for.   Off he goes.  Hurt or not.

I am not shocked.   I am sickened.  There is no humanity in any of this.  People staying up to be the first to grab a limited supply of an item we all know is always at the store but the retailer puts a ridiculously low price on it to get you in.  Then they continue open earlier and earlier until you have what Walmart did this year.   They stacked the deals out in the aisles with shrink-wrap on them and a tag that said what time to cut the wrap.  They also took their employees away from their families on one of the only holidays that is strictly about family and happiness.  This entity decided to stay open all day on Thanksgiving and run the specials after midnight. Even Sears broke an over 120 year tradition and opened from 7-12 on Thanksgiving.

I have never been a Black Friday shopper.   I like my sleep too much and I refuse to spend a freezing night outside a mall waiting to go inside a wrestle  the last new toy for my kids.  The sooner we learn that our time is important to us the better off we will all be.

Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on what we have been given the opportunity to experience.  Not a chance for a big meal followed by a shopping festival the next day.  And to what end are we buying those special deals?  Christmas!   That is the supposed inspiration of all this pain, greed and extravagance.  So all in the name of the birth of Jesus Christ in one two-day period a good number of humans exercise three of the seven deadly sin.  Does anyone have any religious or spiritual beliefs anymore.  Including the Boards of these Companies.   Anyone remember a guy names Ebenezer?

Folks get together with your family on Thanksgiving.   If you are lucky enough not to have to work the next day  sleep in.  Get up have some coffee.  Take the day to fix something in your life.  I guarantee it will feel way better than buying an everyday item at the lowest price all year.  And please put the birth of Christ back in Christmas.  Here is the question you need to ask yourself.   What did I get for Christmas two years ago?   Better yet…. Last Year!


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