The President, talking consessions, goes on the attack

There is so much here that bothers me about this agreement.  We should not be negotiating cutting taxes or spending at this point.   History shows that it works.  But what bothers me the most is the tenor of the Presidents comments on the issue.   If you are going to negotiate and reach a lose-lose agreement then you might as well buck up and say that it is the agreement reached and get it done.   But not the President!  He has taken the opportunity to jab the Republicans at every chance he gets.  Hardly seems like a good idea if you have to work with people for two years,  or does he feel he does not.

Since announcing this really bad deal and it is a bad deal.  More spending is not the answer.  He has compared the Republicans to hostage takers.  Where have I heard something similar recently?   Oh that’s right Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey likened the Republicans to terrorists the other day.  Now here we are trying to work out an agreement to let the tax rate stay the same.  Not decrease but stay the same and the President of the United States  compares the opposition to hostage takers?  Who takes hostages?  Terrorists?   Folks once the new congress is seated I recommend highly we write to our Senators and Congresspeople and tell them no mercy on the Obama agenda.  This man only wants what he wants.

So much needs to be done to raise the economy.  We need to get the EPA and OSHA off of the backs of business.  Manufacturing is going the route of the dinosaur  here in the United States and it is the radical administrators of these agencies who are driving nails in the coffin of American Business with every new regulation.

The FCC is about to regulate what you hear and see on both radio and Television.  They are even making a play for the internet.

Remember my comment on the President not having to work with Congress?  Well here is why.   There is a guy named John Podesta who used to work for Bill Clinton and Podesta runs an organization called the Center for American Progress.  An organization that is constantly telling the President to just issue executive orders for things that should require congressional oversight.   So if this very left leaning organization in any way had the Presidents ear he is unconcerned about what congress will do.  He will just direct the Government agencies by Executive Order and continue his agenda without congressional approval. Use caution reading this site will cause conservatives severe irritation.

To be fair every President since George Washington have issues Executive Orders but most are benign.  These need to be scrutinized closely as they can create law by giving an agency policy enforcement and creation powers not voted on by the legislature.

All of this may explain why a man who sat and brokered a deal came out in public and assaulted the very people who he just sat and dealt with.  If you ask me this is just another showing of bad form by a President who is  a daily example of it.


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