Compromise is dead in Washington and who killed it does not surprise me.

Earlier in the week the President swallowed his progressive pride and made a deal with the Republicans.   We all know what the deal was.  Taxes remain the SAME for everyone and the Republicans would vote for 13 more months of unemployment.   To me this was one big concession by the Republicans and it did not make me happy.   I know times are tough.  Yes, people are out of work.  But letting people collect unemployment for three years will create a class of people who will do whatever they can to NOT work.   I am not talking about the majority of people but they will be there.  Sitting home or taking low paying part-time work to keep collecting.

I think for the first time in his Presidency, Barack Obama took the lead to get something done.   He felt strongly (as wrong as he is) that unemployment needs to be extended and used it as a bargaining chip against the Republicans for the tax reduction extension.

What you and I need to understand is that this is not a TAX CUT.   It is a status quo of taxes.

Kudos to the President for playing his cards and getting movement from the opposition while he still had the house.  But if this deal was going to collapse I thought for sure it would come from the Republicans in the Senate.  Who, very wisely, set the filibuster of the Dream Act in place today effectively stalling that bill for as long as they wish.  Which should be forever.  Giving anyone who has done something illegal a benefit is just plain wrong.

So I see a guy named Bernie Sanders talking about how he hates the compromise.  But he is a Senator from Vermont and I am pretty sure the cold up there has clouded his decision-making process.  But who comes out today, kills the compromise and in this authors mind stabs the President in the heart?   The House of Representatives Democrat Caucus!   Wow Nancy Pelosi strikes again!   This woman may be even more evil that George Soros!    Her goal is total Government Control.    To backdoor a deal set by the sitting President and say they don’t want it!   Ah but there is spin here for the Democrats  folks.    Nancy, et al, will claim the Estate Tax provision does not go far enough.  It would be set at 35% after the first 5 million of wealth.   The Democrats want more! So the far left is eating the guy they supported two years ago with great zeal.   He is nothing more than another stepping stone toward government control of our lives.   Folks this is a watershed moment.   Nancy Pelosi basically told the President we are in charge.  And the house Democrats are taking a last gasp of power to show strength.   They are a joke and we need to continue lighting the fires of freedom under their feet.

Folks this is a watershed moment.  Nancy Pelosi basically told the President she is in charge and she won’t give him squat without her being in the room to negotiate the deal.   Who is in charge?   The time is now to get a leader up there.

Quick  find me a viable Republican Candidate for 2012!  Your suggestions and debate at this point would be appreciated.


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