A new year, old challenges and our money.

First I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year and a healthy and profitable 2011.  May your home be blessed with joy and comfort.  Also to everyone who is or ever served this country a heartfelt Thank You.  It is because of you that we get to share our thoughts and wishes as freely as we do. Our freedom is our greatest reward and we are losing it.

And that folks is the focus of this post.  We have over the many years been under assault by big government.  Those of us who read what the government is doing sit and shake our heads with every new regulation or oversite bill passed without the nations consent. There are at least 5 new federal agencies that did not exist two years ago.  Every one of them is a direct expenditure of your money.  Money that could be better used to stimulate the economy.  But we as a nation are going backwards in that respect.   When I was a young man I was taught that the income tax in the United States was low and that foreign nations taxed the people at 40 or 50 percent.  This low income tax was what gave our country the edge over these other nations.  Gas Prices there where high.  The cost of living was high and the take home low so people could not buy as much.

I recently spent a few moments to evaluate my current pay stubs and what do I find?  The government at all levels is reaching into my pocket for close to 40 percent of my salary.  Amazing.  The forces of big government are winning and every time the small government guys get a leg up the big government guys talk about compromise and We The People are the ones who lose.

Some would say that we can not go back and undo what has already happened in terms of Government but I would have to disagree.  We need to go back.  We need to if you pardon the term deregulate.  I know deregulation is a  horrible word to bureaucrats because it also should result in less government employees.  But if we are to become competitive in the world market again we need to reign in Federal and even local government agencies that regulate industry. Let’s take my personal favorite.  The EPA!  This agency has been on a roll since the change of power on 2009.  They have been regulating everything from lead paint in private homes to CO2 emissions.   With all the controversy over the science of “climate change” (this years word for it) you would think the EPA would take a step back and review more data.  No they cherry pick the data and say CO2 is a bad gas.   Nevermind that CO2 is what makes the trees grow and turn green and the plants.  Irrelevant says the EPA  it is bad.  How long before they regulate exercise because we exhale more CO2 while doing it?  They are already mandating that we test for lead in homes older than 1985.  They might as well just move on to our personal habits too.

To be sure this will probably not happen but it could.  Folks it is time to stand up and be counted.  We need to move this country in the right direction.  Small less intrusive government, drill for and refine oil here until private industry can make a viable alternative fuel.

Here is a fine example of the out of control agencies focus and spending to make us green.  The EPA is the organization that sets emission regulations.  They are the chief “environmental” organization in the country.  They also fund the research of green energy including ethanol research.  So they not only regulate a sector of the economy they fund it.  Does that in any way seem like a conflict of interest?

A fellow from the Brookings Institute put it this way:

“The EPA has grown tremendously since its inception and it suffers from the problems of a mature bureaucracy,” Michaels said. “It has many more employees and it goes looking for things to do. But what it finds to do has less of a return on the investment of its time and energy. Its regulations become more stringent while it produces less noticeable effects.”

As we move forward into 2011 start contacting your representatives and tell them it is time to stop the insanity.  They need to review every regulation not for its relevance to any law previously passed but for whether or not it was ever voted on when it came into being.  I think they will find 90% were based on laws previously passed and never voted on by congress as the constitution mandates.

Have a safe and healthy 2011 and get on the phone or e-mail and even go visit your representatives.  Go to a town hall meeting and challenge them on what they are doing to save the country from a fiscal nightmare.  It’s your money and they work for YOU!


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