No Sir you have the wrong entity!

Today a conservative and Republican posted this tweet. “Sooner @WhiteHouse realizes the enemy is bloated federal bureaucracy, wasteful spending & lack of transparency the better off we’ll all be”

I beg to differ with you Congressman Issa.  I know Mr. Issa’s heart is in the right place but he is looking at the wrong source.   It is the Congress (House and Senate) that vote on these bills  that the President signs,  Sure the President drives the agenda but it is Congress who puts it on his desk.  All Congressman Issa needs to do is look across the aisle to see who really stuck it to the voters of the US over the last 4 years.

The House led by Nancy Pelosi consistently ignored the will  of the people and the Senate set new heights for payoffs.   I remember the Payola scandal in radio and let me tell you it pales in comparison to what Harry Reid did to buy votes in the Senate.  But he is not in jail.  He got re-elected on the basis of big street money in a state that passed the most strict immigration law in the nation.

The Dems were so happy they kept Reid and Pelosi in power.  How messed up is that?   Congressman Issa please focus on what is important.  You are correct in you premise but it is Congress we need to sway.  Defeating a veto is what matters.

Go get em and repeal as much as you can.  Cut the size and scope of Government.  I you do the people work you will NEVER love an election.  Spread the word


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