I found the hate videos! Watch This.

What you need to remember is that the left and our representatives having been lashing out at the right and specifically Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck since that very tragic Saturday when Gabby Giffords was shot and six other innocent people were killed.   The cacophony of accusations from the left is deafening.  They are calling for civility in speech and a kinder gentler America.  Well let’s watch these left leaners and see how happy they can be and how civil their discourse is.

Here is the king of understanding.   The very arrogant and aloof Bill Maher along with Mr. Nice guy Barney Frank and Joe Scarborough just wishing Dick Cheney had died during that bombing way back when.

I am not saying to kill him, Bill said,  he is just saying he should be dead. Same thing Bill you BOZO! Would not inspire hatred?  Not at all Bill you pompous self rightious blowhard.  And for the record you only think you are smarter than everyone else.  That is your real downfall.  Arrogance. Like the rest of the Elitist left pandering to the masses while you insult them.  Maher for the record is the king of this maneuver.

The left wished Bush and Cheney dead for the entire 7 years after the 9/11 incident.  They never missed an opportunity to say so either.  Here was a phone call to C-SPAN

Here is a video that says it very clearly.  This is what I would have to say is a Communists manifesto about Republicans.  Do you think they are just jealous and vengeful.  I do!

Okay I just threw this one in here for the laughs.  But if you were living on the edge how would you react to this.  How could you even have a conversation with this dingbat.  PS  I love YouTube

I am pretty sure this is hate speech.  Will Congress ban this too?  Somehow I doubt it.  It’s okay for him to hate.  But we can’t disagree.

First let’s send mirrors to these fools so they can finally look in the mirror and see the true haters. Then call and write your Representatives and Senators.  Tell them to leave the First and Second Amendment alone.


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