New Jersey Democrats spinning like mad!

I did not get the chance to see the Governor of New Jersey State of the State speech.   I would have liked to because I think Christie is a no bull speaker and one tough guy.  So I really don’t need to come to his defense.  This article will not be a defense of the Governors speech but a repudiation of the reaction from the Democrats in this state.

The Governor began his remarks talking about the improvement in the states situation including a decrease in unemployment to below the national average from a rate that was above it.   His speech centered on the impact of state and local spending on business and growth in the state.    So now let’s look at the Democrats reaction.

An analysis of the Governor’s State of the State Speech yesterday showed the mention of jobs only four times. Following the speech, Republicans sent out fourteen press releases that mentioned jobs only six times. The rhetoric from the Governor and NJ Republicans combined amounted to over 7,000 words and just 10 of them were jobs.

“With unemployment still over 9.2% in New Jersey, the Governor and Republican leaders devoted a shocking .001% of their rhetoric to creating jobs for struggling New Jersey workers, said Wisniewski. “They just don’t get it and this is the latest example of how – for Chris Christie and the GOP – jobs are on the back burner. Unfortunately for those struggling workers, it appears that Republicans have gone even farther and turned the burner to off.”


Take a look at that shocking percentage rate. .001%.  I can’t believe they would be so callous as to only mention jobs just 10 times.  Actually I can’t believe this absolute idiocy of the Democrat Party in the State of New Jersey.    How stupid do they think we are?   The Governor mentions jobs four times in his speech.  More importantly he made it the focus of his speech in this passage.

For this year, the biggest things fall in three categories:

One: we must stick to the course of fiscal discipline.

Two: we must fix our pension and health benefit systems in order to save them.

And three: we must reform our schools to make them the best in the nation.

On these three, what is at stake is no less than the future of New Jersey.

You see, we are in a global competition, and we are in a competition among states.

If we cannot shed regulations, reduce spending, and hold the line on taxes, we cannot attract and create the jobs our citizens so desperately need.


Amen Governor.  It is taxes and intrusion that cause business and people to flee states.  All one need to do is review the 2010 census data to see that the states with little or no income tax are growing.  The rest?  Withering away as business and money leave the states for less intrusive Government.


But what do the New Jersey Democrats do?  They take the 14  press releases where jobs are mentioned six times (42%) and count the words in those releases.  They have too much time on their hands  .     I have a better idea to drive the Democrats point home.  The word jobs has only 4 letters it was mentioned only 10 times that is 40 letters out of all the letters writtn in those speeches and press releases.  If you have so much tie why not count the total characters typed and come up with that number.  I figure it would be something like this .00002%.  That is massive!  Look how little they care.  But they will settle for telling us that Christie et al could care less about you because they only mentioned jobs .001% of the time while addressing the issues of the state.

Folks if you currently have a Democrat representing you I ask that you seriously consider voting them out. To put this poor a spin on this issue is to trivialize it.  It was not trivialized by the Governor.  You were being talked down to by the Democrats in this state.  They think you are stupid, too stupid to figure out they spun a percentage to try and make the Governor look bad.   Let’s look at a sample Democrat State of the State speech.

The Democrat State of Reality

New Jersey needs Jobs.  Lots of Jobs.  Come here and make Jobs.  We will tax you a lot but we need jobs.  If you don’t come we will create jobs by taxing more. If you want to take jobs out-of-state we will tax that too.  Jobs need to be here so we can pay lots of money to public jobs.  We care about people and want them to have jobs  really we do. Vote for us and we will make jobs for you.  Jobs on a tunnel that will shorten the trip to New York by only 10 minutes.  Jobs on a Port that is taking private land for no reason.  Either way we will make jobs.  You can’t stop us.

Well guys we can and we will.   The elections of 2010 where just the beginning and we will not be silenced.   It is our expressed goal to exercise our rights to free speech and peaceable assembly in order to remove each and every one of you cowards from office.  As the election cycle nears tell your staff to watch out the windows.    John Adler’s staff saw us and now there is a for rent sign on his offices.   You are next.  By the way that Democrat speech used the word jobs 10% of the time.  Is that okay.

The text of the Governors speech


The stupendously dumb response from the Democrats


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