The Secret Service has studied assassins: Dupnik wrong!

Back in 1999 the Secret Service released a study of 83 people who in some form attempted to assassinate a public figure.  I will link to the study so you can get the little details but for the matter of this article we will talk about motivation, causation and mental states.

Over the last two weeks we have heard a steady drum beat of left wingers pounding the false premise of a politically motivated killer who was motivated by the right-wing rhetoric of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck to name a few.  The mantra is we need to soften the dialog.   Anyone who has read me knows I   hate this logic and have said it is nothing but a lie.   Now I will show you the Governments own research into the BIG lie.  What follows will be quotes from a paper called “Assassination in the United States: An Operational Study of Recent Assassins, Attackers, and Near-Lethal Approachers”

I will cite points from the report and see if our attacker in Tucson fits the bill.

” In fewer than half of all incidents, the subject was delusional at the time of the attack or near-lethal approach. ” How delusional is a person who deliberately goes to buy the ammunition he needs.  Then takes a cab to the site of his attack.  Not only does he take a cab.  He makes sure to get change so as not to give the cabbie too much money.  This defeats the insanity defense for me right there.

“Near-:Lethal approachers were more likely to have histories of delusions than were attackers.” The recently released video that the shooter made at Pima County Community college shows the level of delusion in this guy.

“Two-thirds had never been incarcerated either before or after a trial” The Arizona shooter had come in contact with law enforcement many times before the incident.  Never convicted or jailed.

17 of the 83 attackers (25%) had a history of Marijuana use. There are credible reports of Marijuana use by the attacker in the mall.

Students of assassination in the U.S. have generally seen assassins and attackers of political leaders either as possessing “political” motives or as being “deranged.”  This is a narrow and inaccurate view of  assassination. Attackers and near-lethal approachers of public officials rarely had “political” motives. Does anyone including Clarence “the clod” Dupnik know about this report.  One  more time for emphasis.  NOT POLITICALLY MOTIVATED.  Please forward this to all your favorite liberals.

“Fewer than a quarter of the subjects are known to have developed escape plans…..Subjects whose target was the President often assumed -or hoped-that they would be killed or captured after an attack.” There was a report that the attacker in Arizona said goodbye to his friends on his MySpace page.  We may not be able to confirm it as it was pulled within minutes of the shooter being identified.


These are just a few of the points covered in this fascinating report by the Secret Service.  It shoots large holes in the lefts angry rhetoric argument.  But we already knew it was a deception didn’t we.  This guy is nothing more than a classic delusional loser who needed to make it big by attacking the object of his hatred.  A hatred caused not by political speech but a delusion that Giffords was dumb.

By all means have a read:




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