This President Shows Open Contempt for the Courts.

I am appalled by the blatant ignorance of Constitution within this administration .  In 1999 Bill Clinton became the first President to ever be held in contempt of court.  Well he has been joined by another Democrat President who does not believe in our Constitution.

The level of contempt for the courts that this administration may be unprecedented.   Many people will remember the President calling out the Supreme Court in last years State of the Union Speech.  He challenges the court’s decision in a decision to allow corporations to get involved with election spending.  This may be the first time a President called a decision by the Supreme Court wrong during the State of the Union Speech.  It shows the level of contempt this President has for what is an equal in the governing of this country.  Executive, Legislative and Judicial all given power to check and balance each other.   Lets watch one more time Justice Sam Alito’s reaction to this major breach of decorum.


Then after calling a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico a federal judge ruled that it was unconstitutional.  What did the Administration do?  They have continued the course.  Ignoring the Judge.  As a matter of fact the judge has held them in contempt.  This from the Heritage Foundation.

The Obama Administration hasn’t had their boot on the neck of just BP but also the entire Gulf economy. Federal Judge Martin Feldman is now doing the same to the Obama Administration.

A few weeks after Feldman held the Interior Department in contempt of court for ignoring his ruling to put an end to the job-killing drilling moratorium, he ordered the Interior Department to get moving on new permits one way or the other. Judge Feldman gave the Administration 30 days to act on five permits, emphasizing that the Administration has been sitting on these permits for four to nine months when Interior routinely processed the permits in two weeks’ time. Feldman wrote: “[T]he government is under a duty to act by either granting or denying a permit application within a reasonable time. Not acting at all is not a lawful option.”

And now here was are on Feb 23rd and President Obama and his head of the Department of Justice Eric Holder have decided that the Defense of Marriage act of 1996 is unconstitutional and they will not defend it.  This is not their decision to make.  It is their duty to stand with a law passed by the congress and signed by a president until it is either repealed or ruled against by the courts.  A law passed and signed is law unless the courts decide otherwise.  The President and Eric Holder have failed in their oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  They have shown time and time again that they do not care about the Constitution of these United States.  It is not the rule of law it is the rule of Obama

We the People need to fix this.  2012 is coming.


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One response to “This President Shows Open Contempt for the Courts.

  1. SpeakUpNJ

    Well if it helps here…I hold Obama in “Contempt of America” daily! I do not think even Clinton sunk to that level on a “daily” basis.

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