Tea Party Candidates: The time is 2012

Well the Republicans have already shown us they could care less what the American people think.   The Democrats have demonstrated that many times since 2008 and in 2010 the people spoke loudly to our elected officials.  Step up and make it right.  The Republicans who had spent 2 years doing Mia Culpas for the stupidity exhibited during GWB’s tenure vowed to make it good.  They ran on the strength of Tea Party backing and many candidates reached out to the tea party for direct support and got it.  Both in the form of volunteerism and money.  Now here we are just months from the change in congressional sessions and all of the promises made by these Republicans are being broken.  Paul Ryan could not figure out how to get to 100 billion.  The promised number from the Republican party.   Boehner has led them right down the primrose path to inaction.  What was needed from the Republicans was a direct challenge to the Obama tax and spend philosophy.  What we got was the same old song and dance.  Including the tired old saw about cuts being elimination of spending proposed.  One of the oldest tricks in the legislative handbook.  By taking a proposed 10% budget increase and making it 6%, most politicians will tell you they cut 4% from the budget.  Wrong!  Now how do we fix it?

We need to go independent in our own states and get all of the tea parties together to run a candidate for every seat where a Democrat is going to be up for election in 2010. For the time being we leave the Republican seats alone.  The goal being to eliminate a majority from the Senate and to form a voting block in the house.  Yes that is right I am talking third-party.  We are not being represented by the politicians who claim to have the experience.  They are doing what they always do.  Paying off their friends and passing bills to help their supporters.

In the 2010 election the Tea party threw its support squarely behind the Republicans with the thought that taking the Democrats out of power would begin to normalize the government.  This is not happening.  The message, as they say, was not delivered.

I have already said to stop supporting the party coffers  now I am saying lets form our own parties.  State by state.  Keep it local but go national in terms of office.  Using the entire states tea party will give a good base for a candidate.   What we must be wary of, is the negatives that can be found on the candidates.  As we have seen the MSM can really be an attack dog for the parties in power.  Look what happened to Christine O’Donnell.  It was the RNC and old guard republicans who went after her first and then she was dog piled by the MSM.  A few years before these attacks the Republicans ran her against Biden.  Can you say unscrupulous?  I knew that you could.

So here we go. The plan:

Convene a convention of Tea parties in every state.

Look for a candidate who reflects the values of the tea party.

Examine all aspects of all candidate to ensure as little negative exposure as possible

Only go after Democrat seats that are up for election, we can challenge Republicans later once the balance of power is shifted to a Constitutional format.

Use the Tea Parties as a fund-raising (see below for this aspect) and volunteer network to get the chosen candidate elected.

Never nationalize the organization keep it per state and only in terms of conference not funding.

Donate any and all funds directly to the campaign of the candidate.  The Tea Party will not handle the money.  Just try to raise it.

There you go.   The easy part is done.  What say you all?

Someone once told me that the Political Parties would never take the Tea Party seriously until we elected a candidate.   2012 is the year we need to really try to make it happen



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One response to “Tea Party Candidates: The time is 2012

  1. Keane

    It is truly disappointing that the newly elected GOP representatives are not living up to their campaign promises and have joined the old guard. Time to clean house again in 2012, 2014 and beyond. We need fiscal constitutional conservatives to run against these people.

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