Obama talks Energy again.

Every time this President talks energy he reminds me of just how slanted he is toward the environmental movement.   Or maybe it is not the environmentalists at all.  One of President Obama’s best friends and his hand-picked Job adviser is Jeffrey Immelt. Jeffrey is the CEO of a little company named General Electric.  As far as I know GE does not have any oil fields anywhere.  But what they do make are wind turbines, solar panels and nuclear energy equipment.   Let’s look at the President’s remarks on energy.

And just like the fuels we use in our cars, we’re going to have to find cleaner renewable sources of electricity.  Today, about two-fifths of our electricity come from clean energy sources.  But we can do better than that.  I think that with the right incentives in place, we can double our use of clean energy. And that’s why, in my State of the Union address back in January, I called for a new Clean Energy Standard for America:  By 2035, 80 percent of our electricity needs to come from a wide range of clean energy sources — renewables like wind and solar, efficient natural gas.  And, yes, we’re going to have to examine how do we make clean coal and nuclear power work.

How long will it take you to put 2 and 2 together?  Who would those incentives be for?  Certainly not you and me.  How about Business and governments to put the systems in place?

Lets keep in mind that GE is moving more and more jobs offshore.  They have closed the last incandescent light bulb factory in the US and moved light bulb manufacture to China.

But that is another blog.  Nuclear power is a lynch pin to the Obama Greener Energy plan.  Well obviously there are many companies that would profit from a nuclear facility building spree. Right?  How about this little fact.

History of the Company’s Participation
The Company entered the commercial nuclear industry in 1955 with the formation of the Aomic Power Equipment Department. This new business developed and patented a  reactor design known as the boiling water reactor (BWR), and in 1957 the United States Atomic Energy Commission granted the Company a license to operate the developmental Vallecitos Boiling Water Reactor at its Vallecitos Nuclear Center near Pleasanton, California. The  Company subsequently designed and supplied the Dresden Nuclear Power Station for Commonwealth Edison Company, which went into operation near Chicago, Illinois in 1960. Over the ensuing 50 years, the Company designed and supplied 9 generations of boiling water reactor technology for customers worldwide. Today, more than 75 of the currently 92 operational boiling water reactors around the world are based on the Company’s designs. In addition to designing and supplying nuclear reactors and associated equipment for new nuclear power plants, since its inception the  Company’s nuclear business has included the supply of nuclear fuel and the provision of maintenance and other services for operating nuclear power  plants.

Over 75 percent of active plants are designed by GE?  They don’t stand a chance to profit from this?

Okay, Okay  so GE is big in Nuclear.  They are probably just one small player in the Wind Turbine field right?  WRONG!

GE is one of the world’s leading wind turbine suppliers. With over 15,500 wind turbine installations worldwide comprising more than 218 million operating hours and 127,000 GWh of energy produced, our knowledge and expertise spans more than two decades. With wind manufacturing and assembly facilities in Germany, Norway, China, Canada and the United States, our current product portfolio includes wind turbines with rated capacities ranging from 1.5 to 4.0 megawatts and support services ranging from development assistance to operation and maintenance.

Somebody hold me down I am about to jump out of this chair.  This has got to be a coincidence.  Surely they can’t ne a leader in Solar power too?  Well read this and you will feel better.

With rising fuel costs, climate change concerns and a growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources such as solar power are becoming an increasingly valuable part of the world’s energy mix.

Building on a strong power generation heritage spanning more than a century, GE’s solar products and systems have proven performance and reliability. Utilizing our industry expertise and leadership in energy technologies, GE is currently pursuing a number of projects that will make large-scale solar installations simple and affordable.

See they are only pursuing a number of projects to make this feasible.  What would it take to for them to continue to pursue this method of energy generation?  How about incentives and investment.   Well I guess if my best friend was President and I was the head of a multinational corporation I would be getting some more money from the people of the United States.  After all, just like GE,  I already wouldn’t be  paying any taxes.

Wake up America.  You are being suckered by a Chicago Hack and his Corporate buddies.   I won’t even talk about Brazil and Soros.  That is for another day.

Kick the left leaning fake environmentalists out.  Drill on land and in shallow water and get some home grown oil in the pipelines.  Not only will this reduce the price of gas it will give less money to our sworn enemies in the middle east.



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2 responses to “Obama talks Energy again.

  1. SpeakUpNJ

    I agree with all you said but don’t forget beyond the greed and buddy system money making…ie the rich(funny how the Liberals hate the rich…but ARE…isn’t it?…Go figure) just getting richer…lies the citizen’s wasteland of neverending Socialist BIG Government Control. The Obama Socialist Government owns the car companies, regulates and owns Wall Street and the Banks, controls the mortgage industry, determines if you are worthy of college loan so you can even go to schoool, etc etc….so why wouldn’t he want Big Gov to own the Energy Industry, via GE….and always remember stop watching the one hand because the other is about to pick your pocket and own the OIL INDUSTRY? Why not…those greedy oil guys need to be stopped and should instead be part of the Obama Socialist conglomerate…right?

    • madmike59

      Oil companies ate only bad it they are American Oil Companies. The Brazilian ones and Middle Eastern ones are fine.

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