A series of headlines makes me wonder.

When will adults start teaching children the difference between right and wrong? I see stories from major cities and some minor ones about flash mobs and gangbanging.  Just today I sat and read th stories.




There are common threads in these stories.  One is guns the other is youth.  Let’s talk about them.

Much hay will be made about the use of guns in any of these incidents.  But what is never talked about is why and where?  Why does a 16-year-old kid or 15-year=old kid have a handgun in his possession.  We talk about banning guns based on this scenario often.  But here is the reality.  Somebody bought that child into the world and should be responsible for them until adulthood.  Where are those people?    When did the kids get the guns and how?

Notice that both topic guns and youth are falling into the same conversation.  I was taught gun safety and use early in life.  Heck I went hunting as soon as I was legally allowed.  We always had guns in our house.  There were many of us too.  I do not come from a small family.   Nobody was out there running the streets with a gun in there pockets shooting at the first person who pissed us off.

But read these stories.  A free Concert in San Jose turns into bedlam.  A day at the beach in New York ends in death and people shopping in Chicago get terrorized by a bunch of kids.

Why are the adults in this country letting this happen?  Now the ones who probably should be minding the activity of their children and are too busy dealing with their own stuff to worry about what their offspring are doing will and have blamed the police.  This argument has morphed over the years and with the current economic stagnation there are police being laid off.  So here is the “It’s the lack of Police” time line.  Pre-2010 the argument was that the Police where not doing their job in making sure that an incident like this happened.  But after 2010 the argument will shift to lack of Police due to layoffs.

The Police are not and should not be an all-knowing and parental type of entity.  They are here to keep the peace (intervene in cases like above) and make sure that crimes are investigated.  The process of crime prevention while it is an activity readily pursued by police should not be their issue.   It falls on you and I to teach our children well.  I will share a story from my son’s youth,  They may not like this but I think it is a great story of how to show the difference between right and wrong.

When my boys where early teens I found out they stole from a local dollar store.  I immediately grabbed my car keys and drove over there.  Money was taken from their birthday stash and I drove them to the store where they publicly announced they stole the merchandise to the manager and promptly paid for it.  With apologies to the store staff and their parents.  I wonder what the self-esteem crew will think of that story.  But the moral is my boys got a clear line early on about what not to do.  They know also that there are consequences to every action.

Where are the Adults?



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5 responses to “A series of headlines makes me wonder.

  1. carolyn

    Good job Mike! I was in KMart yesterday with my 2 grandkids and dropped a small piece of trash on the floor near the outdoor furniture. Had to move furniture to get it, but thought it was a good lesson. They are 7 (twins) and I have to remind them to say thank you and please. My other grandson is 9 and plays these games on play station which I consider violent. It really concerns me. I think you are right, it all starts at home…..and continues there until they are adults.

  2. SpeakupNJ

    Great last question…but it’s old and threadbare by now… we know the answer already…the adults are not around and have not been for years and years. So, OK now what. Hey these kids flash mobbing and killing for fun may well be the 4th generation of fatherless families or crack head families etc. There is no adult and never has been for generations. Stop looking…they are not there so they are not stepping in to solve this. WE know who is there maintaining this system of slavery and poverty and VIOLENCE… so why not admit it…Big Brother Big Liberal Socialized Government is pumping tax money down a rat hole creating and then protecting them. THEY…the ones rioting right now…are also as we speak knocking out the next litter of fatherless or drug addicted families…so a better question is How can THAT be happening? That is the source of the issue. When you can still exist very well being a government subsidized 18 year old with 6 kids…Hmmmm…Where’s the problem bro? With the foodstamps, healthcare and numerous tax money provided programs shoveled to them by bleeding heart politically correct (but no where near the killings) progressive liberals this systematic economic slavery provides the food,clothing, housing, care and free cell phones as the breeding ground for an ever growing problem.

    BTW I know WE know now about Alinsky and Clower and Piven…THIS violence and SYSYEM OVERLOAD is EXACTLY the result of their Progressive Liberal disciples at work for decades and not over exposure to violent video games. And, who is a primary disciple of these radicals…altogether now Barack Hussien Obama. Now seriously think about this if the people of this country are so naive to put that type of person as their PRESIDENT for god sake….I think we better hide our kids because there is no way they can survive the on-slaught that is coming. Teach them to shoot real guns because they will never be killed by a video game. And, forget their manners training for the moment and instead admit to them that the adults they respect have let them down BIG TIME! WE let this happen and keep happening. Up to now and counting WE have not changed a damn thing FOR THEM …YET.

    Sorry to be so negative…but I do not know myself how to stop this ongoing slide of America into the abyss.

    • madmike59

      Sort of the reason for my post. We need a discussion on how to reverse the slide started in the revolution of the 70’s.

  3. mikeh

    Imagine a childhood crafted so intricately as to prevent ANY consequences.

    My first ‘consequence’ was ‘the belt’…34 inches of black leather attention-grabbing ouchness.

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