Bill Daley pulls back the veil on failing regulatory changes.

Way back in January the President made a joke about regulations affecting business.  He then said he was undertaking a regulatory review to find regulations that cost business money and needed to be corrected.  That was now five months ago.  I have to figure that in five months would be plenty of time to cut one or two regulations.  So why then would we be reading a story about the Presidents Chief of Staff, who we will discuss later was a businessman, getting a verbal beating from business?  Here is the story from, dare I say, the WaPo.

By Peter Wallsten and and Jia Lynn Yang, Published: June 16

It was supposed to be the White House’s latest make-nice session with corporate America — a visit by Chief of Staff William M. Daley to a meeting with hundreds of manufacturing executives in town to press lawmakers for looser regulations.But the outreach soon turned into a rare public dressing down of the president’s policies with his highest-ranking aide.

One by one, exasperated executives stood to air their grievances on environmental regulations and stalled free-trade deals. And Daley, the former banker tasked with building ties with industry, found himself looking for the right balance between empathy and defending his boss.

At one point, the room erupted in applause when Massachusetts manufacturing executive Doug Starrett, his voice shaking with emotion, accused the administration of blocking construction on one of his facilities to protect fish, saying government “throws sand into the gears of progress.”

Daley said he did not have many good answers, appearing to throw up his hands in frustration at what he called “bureaucratic stuff that’s hard to defend.”

“Sometimes you can’t defend the indefensible,” he said.

The exchange suggests the limits of the elaborate courtship of corporations begun by President Obama and his top aides after Democrats’ big losses in the 2010 elections — an effort that has taken on new urgency in recent weeks.

Top aides have been reaching out to business leaders as Obama’s reelection campaign seeks to expand its network of potential new donors and fundraisers. And the White House has hoped that a closer alliance with businesses would help spur job growth.

By all means go to this website and watch the video of our President asking America to be patient while the country recovers.

Patient Mr President?  We were patient during the summer of recovery last year. It did not happen.  And now the people who really drive the economy are done with this too. When business turns on you it is time to hang it up.   There is not a liberal alive who does not think business and the government are not in bed with each other.  Well explain this turnaround.

Back to the story, let’s just focus on that last line for a second.  IS this about real recovery or reelection?   Is Bill Daley in the guise of reaching out to business actually campaigning for Barack Obama on your dime?  You bet he is.  He is out there trying very hard to convince the very people who have the most to lose that BHO is their friend.   Ignore that man behind the curtain.  I am the great and powerful O.  I will be your salvation from the raping of business by those evil republicans.   Now we go back to that whole story of how the left thinks that government (REPUBLICANS) are in bed with business.  Well sure because every job a business generates creates a tax payer and when you spread the cost around a bigger pool it makes your cut smaller.

Is anyone missing this very basic premise?  The more taxpayers the less taxes we might need to pay.  Less Welfare, less Government Medical and less food stamps.   All of those things could be eliminated if we allow American Industry to grow here within the continental US.

You are darn right that business is mad at Obama and you can rest assured Daley did not misspeak when he said that it was indefensible.  It is a travesty the extent of crooked dealings we let happen in Washington.  I will end with that little tidbit of information I alluded to about Bill Daley.  Guess who sat on the Board of Boeing when they decided to build a plant in South Carolina.  Now let’s guess who has to defend the administrations reasoning for NOT building that plant.  Yep  Bill Daley.   Folks it is a twisted world in Washington and until the population of the US stops buying the US and them crap posed by the political parties and starts doing what is right for the entire country we will all be slaves to the government.


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One response to “Bill Daley pulls back the veil on failing regulatory changes.

  1. mikeh

    If…and I mean IF…we survive this sock-puppet-president
    will there be any doubt God loves the US of A?

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