When the going gets tough, the Democrats keep taxing!

The other night our President went to another DNC fundraiser.  This time in Philadelphia.  The President as usual made a speech to the faithful about his plans.  One of the topics he covered is the looming debt crisis in this country.  He covered his tracks very well on the issue of cuts.   He even came up with a really great line for his speeches where he talks about having a common number in mind with the Republicans.  Here is how the Prez said it on Thursday.

This is not just a numbers debate.  This is a values debate.  All of us agree that we’ve got to lower our deficit and lower our debt so that we have a sustainable fiscal path.  All of us agree on that.  We actually roughly agree on the numbers.  We need to bring down the deficit by about $4 trillion over a 10- to 12-year window and start bending the cost curve on health care costs.  And the question is, how do we do it?  And what I’ve said is that we can come up with $2 trillion worth of cuts — cuts to domestic discretionary spending, which includes cuts of some things that I think are worthy and I’d like to do but we can’t afford right now; cuts to defense spending, where we have an obligation to make sure that our troops have the best equipment and we continue to have the finest fighting force in the world, but let’s face it, the Pentagon has waste, too, and we’ve already identified $400 billion worth of waste.  We can identify at least the equivalent to make sure that we’re also maintaining economic security here at home.

By my count that is really only 2.4 trillion dollars in cuts.  Now let’s address the waste that was identified.  Is this the first administration that has identified waste?  No it is not and we all know how well that has worked out.  Show me one true cut of governmental waste!  You won’t find it.  These politicians including the “liberal” left and the “conservative” right have to grease the wheels to keep campaign money flowing.  And Government contractors give to both parties to make sure that continues.  Big Defense will not be cut.   If they do the club that is the house and senate will just appropriate money for different “programs” to feed the beast.

In the meantime our current President talks the same line of crap many before him did.  We can cut this and that and cut waste here and there.  But he is still only talking $2,000,000,000,000  half of what he himself says needs to be cut.  How does he justify that?  How else?

But we’re going to have to also, if we want to achieve this goal, make sure that we do two tough things that, frankly, neither party wants to do but have to be done.  The first is we’re going to have to make sure that we continue to focus on how do we reduce Medicare and Medicaid costs, and the second is we’re going to have to have more revenue.  And what I’ve said to the Republican Party and what I’ve said to the Democratic Party in Congress is, there’s a way to do this that makes sure that we still maintain our sacred commitment to our seniors so that they have the security that they need in retirement, and there’s a way to do it that makes sure that businesses aren’t over-burdened and that success is still rewarded in our society.  We can make changes that are balanced, that involve some shared sacrifice, but assure that we’re still making the investments we need to win the future and assure that we’re not mortgaging our future because of irresponsible fiscal practices.

MORE REVENUE!  Folks that is Democrat code for higher taxes.  Which will not stimulate anything.  So where will he get those taxes?  From the millions of Americans who pay no taxes?  From the 46 percent who through government giveaways have been removed from the tax rolls?  Or will he take it from where it has always come.  The middle class.  When I say middle class I don’t mean 30,000 and up, lets face it if your family income is not close to $100,000 today you are not making a living.  So who will he go after.  The real middle class. 200,000 dollars and up until he gets to the super rich.  There he will impose a higher tax on their income.  But what do the super rich do when taxed?  Well they will set up a foundation or trust and pay no taxes by using these shelters.

Haven’t we had enough of this?  Taxation to the point that half our income is going to one government entity or another.  Spending our money like a drunk sailor (once again I was one  I know).  All in the name of keeping a lucrative job in Washington that let’s you ask people for more money to spend to stay there.

Stand up America and take out some of these Washington Fat Cats.   I don’t care which party they are in.  Lindsey Graham is no better than Chuch Schumer.  As a matter of fact these two have worked together on many stupid bills.  Look it up.

Stop Washington spending and taxing.  The phrase “Power to the People” comes to mind but it should be ALL people not Government.



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3 responses to “When the going gets tough, the Democrats keep taxing!

  1. mikeh

    tax spend tax spend tax spend

    cha cha cha.

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