Philly Commissioner Lloyd Ayers does it again!

We all very vividly remember the last few weeks in the life of Jack Slivinski.  If you do not by all means go back and read my shirtless firefighter post.  It is a sad story of people doing the right thing and being made to suffer at the hand of the biggest hypocrite I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.  That person’s name is Lloyd Ayers and a few years ago he was made Commissioner of the Philadelphia Fire Department.   Since then Lloyd has done some very, let’s call it, uneven discipline.    I don’t like to talk about racial issues.  They should be behind us at this point but Lloyd elevates it to an art form.   I want you to watch this video.

Notice this is a YOUTUBE video of a firefighter in uniform doing an advertisement for a book store.  Who is that Firefighter.  Well as he says himself his name is “Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers”   Do his parents know he changed his name to “Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers”? Because 20 years ago when I met him as a Lieutenant in West Philly he was just Lloyd.  One of the fellas.  At least that is the persona he was displaying.  Fast forward to his tenure as Commissioner.  He has run roughshod over some of the department.  Let’s talk about Jack S. , a great guy and dedicated firefighter.  He and the union get wind of a calendar of buff firefighters and that the proceeds will go to charity for whatever the city chooses.  Local 22 and Jack chose the Widows Fund.  A truly noble fund.  Many of the Widows of Philadelphia Firefighters get very little in the way of pension.  So this fund could have used the money.  What does “Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers” do?  He disciplines the member for showing LESS than you will see on any beach. And transfers him from his beloved Rescue 1.  Jack got back to the Rescue unit due to pressure from the public on “Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers”  but something was eating at Jack and he chose to leave us a few weeks ago.   I hope it was not due to you “Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers”.  Because here we are just weeks after Jack’s suicide and you are attacking one of the nicest guys in the department.   Fire Chief John Grillone would not hurt a fly.  John is nothing but a nice guy.   Now I am going to tell the world the grievous sin john committed and what your reaction was.   I do not want to leave out Charlie Tizol either.  He was sharing with the world a wonderful moment.  And you “Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers” reacted in an inappropriate fashion once again.

John Grillone has a habit of singing the National Anthem.  Now I have heard John sing this song and you can too by following the link below.  I warn you he is no Mario Lanza but he cares and he loves the song.   John was in the firehouse and one of the guys was recording the events of the evening.   While this is new to many firehouses there is some “downtime” surrounding meals and resting in case those damn lights and bells go off (how the station is alerted to a call).

So one  member of the station , Charles Tizol, has already lost 4 weeks pay for posting his video on Youtube.  On the video Grillone can be seen singing the National Anthem, John said it was to bolster the men after the loss of 3 firefighters.   I found that Buffalo NY had a tragic death of multiple firefighters in 2009 around when this video was recorded.  But still Grillone was singing the National Anthem.  I can not be more incensed.,  HE WAS SINGING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!  Every Morning while I was a Philadelphia Firefighter we would raise the flag above the Station and every night we would take it down and lovingly fold it in the appropriate manner.  During my tenure, the men and women of the department started wearing flags on their helmets.   Not just any flag but the US flag.  Patriotism reigns within the department, I know.  The men and many of the women I worked with served in the armed forced and respect and revere the flag and this country.   But based on the suspension of the firefighter named in the article and the prosecution at department level of Chief Grillone, a 38 year veteran, one can only assume a hatred of our flag and country at the top of the department.  Because if it is not hatred of the flag and country why is “Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers” pursuing charges against these guys?  I will let you decide.   Watch the video in the report and see what I mean.

What kind of hypocrite is “Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers” to speak on camera about a book store and SAY who he is then say he did not know it was going to be posted.  He then charges John Grillone, who was not SELLING anything but singing the National Anthem, with violating department regs.

Lloyd there is a special place for people like you and I hope when you get there is horrible and painful.  Because you have become one of the worst of the worst.  You have turned your back on your brothers and sisters.  You have forgotten where you came from.  You are drunk with power and a hateful man who tries to profess Christianity.  Well where was your Christian values for Jack Slivinski.  And now where is that same Christian forgiveness for a patriot like John Grillone and Charlie Tizol who were just living the moment in the firehouse?   You sir are no Christian.  You are a “Hypocrite”  And your name should not be “Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers”  it should be retired hack Lloyd.

The below information was cut and pasted from my post about Jack S.  It was just as important as this story.  “Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers” is messing with peoples livelihoods and families with this stuff and he is doing it pretty cavalierly. Please,  PLEASE  tell this guy you feel he is wrong.

By all means, drop Lloyd a note and tell him how you feel. or call his office at 215-686-1300.  Let him know he has made bad choices.




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8 responses to “Philly Commissioner Lloyd Ayers does it again!

  1. Juliann Apelt

    very sad that these are the things that Ayers addresses. I am quite sure there are a billion other things that should be addressed. He is nothing more than a pompous self serving hypocrite. These people save lives! and guess what? they are human..they get to enjoy themselves, no one is being hurt. But clearly Ayers has no issue hurting the people of the PFD and subsequently the people of Philadelphia. Wonder why this city is becoming a hell-hole? Maybe the so called leaders can work on boosting morale and people can start having some pride in Philly. What a disgrace

  2. Bill K.

    Mike,,great post.

  3. Great post…this is a tragedy. What will it take for the city to wake up and see that these idiots are steering the city in to a shit hole…

  4. Chuck McGee

    Mike that was spot on. This is a disgrace.

  5. Thank you for your thoughtful and well-written article, Mike! When I saw CBS3’s post about this, it struck me immediately that 38 years of service deserves accolades, not disciplinary action! I think the Commissioner is just not aware of the harm he’s actually doing. The facebook page “Vindication for Battalion Chief John Grillone” is meant to show support and try to get Commisioner Ayers to listen. Please like and spread the word today!

    • mikemadden59

      Brooke I already have and this post is intended to do the same. I e-mailed it to Lloyd also. Rest assured Lloyd knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

  6. Such a petty man as Lloyd Ayers should not be entrusted with any power, much less be made the fire commissioner of a major city. His buffoonery cannot but hurt the morale of those under him and enrage the citizenry. What a disgrace!

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