Politico Plagiarism And Very Bias.

How long has Sarah Palin been driving around in her bus.  Well today the web page that wants to be the record on all things political  weighed in on the Bus and SarahPAC.  So what did the Politico.com have to say?

Burns and Haberman on 2012

Sarah Palin’s tricked-out bus decorations: $14k

By MAGGIE HABERMAN | 7/14/11 5:32 PM EDT

Sarah Palin spent almost $14,000 from her PAC to decorate her “One Nation” bus tour vehicle with customized “bus wrap,” ABC News reports.

The PAC’s treasurer, Tim Crawford, told the network that the filing was strong, and that they “more than doubled the amount we raised as compared to the same period in 2009.”

There are some other details of the filing, including:

On the last day of the mid-year reporting period — June 29, 2011, SarahPAC contributed $5,000 each to the following candidate committees: Bucshon for Congress (Ind.), Ann Marie Buerkle for Congress (N.Y.), Vicky Hartzler for Congress (Mo.), Martha Roby for Congress (Ala.), Wicker for Senate (Miss.), Lou Barletta for Congress (Pa.), Allen West for Congress (Fla.), Duffy for Congress (Wis.), Canseco for Congress (Texas), Renee Ellmers for Congress (N.C.), Fitzpatrick for Congress (Pa.), Bob Corker for Senate 2012 (Tenn.).
Among SarahPAC’s other noteworthy disbursements:

— $26,295.47 to a Visa/BankCard payment center in Dallas, Tex. for “Air Fare, Lodging, Car Rental, Wireless.” The date of disbursement is June 2, the day she visited Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Presumably, the sum accounts for some of the cost of her “One Nation” tour.

— $5,794 to Israel’s Sar-El Tours and Travel for a“Tour of Holy Land.” Palin visited Israel in March and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

— $18,700 to Young America’s Foundation, a conservative outreach organization aimed at students.

— $10,000 to Peter Schweizer for “Research Consulting.” Schweizer is a conservative author based in Florida who Palin hired as her foreign policy adviser in May.

— $5,416.66 to Anchorage, Alaska’s True North L’Attitudes for scheduling.

— $683 to the Nashville, Tenn. store Nico & LaLa for bookmarks.

Here is the real sad news.  This site is only posting again something that ABC reported.  This attack on Palin is not even original.  Well now we need to include ABC in the criticism of this post.   SarahPAC is a Political Action Committee.  As such it can give to whatever political cause it sees fit provided it reports that contribution on the required forms.  This holds true for non  candidate and candidate donations.

Why do ABC and Politico need to report that it cost 14,000 dollars to wrap Sarah bus in patriotic decorations.  If you live in a major city there is a good chance you have sen a but that is used for “public” transportation wrapped in similar style.  Why does no one complain that Some drug company paid 14K to wrap that bus?  That is fodder for another post.   But, by following the reporting rules and reporting the expenditure  SarahPAC did nothing wrong.  As a matter of fact Palin herself did nothing wrong.

We are left wondering why it was reported the way it was.  Now for the really fun part.  Once a long time ago a guy who is now our vice president was accused of plagiarism.     Here is what I want you do.  Click on the two links below and compare the stories.  The politico writer who claims credit for this article mentions ABC news once at the beginning of the article them fails to mention that she pretty much cut and pasted the article uncredited from that site.  I will let you see who really wrote it, not that it matters it was still a piece intended to throw mud on Palin.  It was just stolen by the Politico uncredited to the real authors.  This woman at the Politico wrote   the first line only and half of that was boosted from ABC.

Shame on Politico for not checking the story first.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0711/59038.html#ixzz1S7cHfuvV

Read more: http://blogs.abcnews.com/thenote/2011/07/sarah-palin-paid-almost-14000-to-decorate-her-tour-bus-and-more-from-sarahpacs-fec-report.html



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3 responses to “Politico Plagiarism And Very Bias.

  1. SpeakupNJ

    Must have been a slow news day down at the Liberal Sewer Plant called Politico…they had to actually take in sludge from another Liberal Sewer Plant at ABC in order to meet their daily quota disgusting “journalism”. But I have to ask…who gives a crap?…Pardon the pun!

    Liberals lash out at Palin aimlessly? Nothing new there…But wait…Liberals cheat and lie off other Liberals…is that the news? However you know what they say about the Bear and what he does in the woods?

    • mikemadden59

      Sure do and I often read what is a credited report from multiple news outlets, but that is because they don’t have reporters anymore. This was just out and out uncredited plagiarism. Only reinforces the lack of credibility of Politico

  2. mikeh

    Politico sucks so damn loud I can hear it sucking here in Garden St.

    Boosted the article? No shock there. All hatchet pieces are fair in indoctrinationland.

    Why anyone pays attention to this socialist toilet rag is more than I know.

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