The Great Obama: Nothing up my sleeve!

The price of gas going back up after the benevolent one Barack Obama tapped the oil reserves for 30 Million barrels.  What did that lower the price?  13 cents and now it is right back up again.  This mostly symbolic gesture from our President was an attempt to placate the right while letting his loony environmental friends know he was not going to drill any time soon.   What part of Supply and Demand does this Constitutional Lawyer not understand.  Well actually all of it.  You see we here in America use about 20 million barrels of oil a day.  So this very dramatic move is nothing more than a sleight of hand.

That pretty much sums it up.   You get blinded.  The Administration is practicing the fine art of distraction.  And while they are we are being lulled to sleep by the debt debate.  First let’s be clear the National Debt is real but the limit on the national debt is a construct of  congress.  A self-imposed limit to spending.  Do any of you see a correlation to the Balanced Budget Amendment here?   I do.

The debt debate is taking us away from the real issues at hand.  Look ,Nothing up my sleeve. 9.4%  persistent unemployment.   Now you see it now you don’t, energy prices skyrocket and the President gets his wish to fund green projects.  And while the President held up the cape the congress through a pure trick of deception passed and illegal bill mandating health insurance for everyone. Any questions on this one?

You see what we have here is a natural-born magician.  He can show you the shiny ball and then move it somewhere else while he is distracting you.  His whole Presidency is based on distraction.  Funny but every year the President stands before congress and reviews the year and lays out his plans for the country.  But when it comes to the debt ceiling he opens up hall of mirrors and asks us to find our own way out.  Nothing to see here folks I will let congress make this call and my hands will be clean for 2012.

How prescient that the tour of the house of mirrors ends in a downhill slide.  Our economy is sliding slowly into a funk and our President calmly talks about jobs being his number one priority.  I am glad for one thing, he stopped using this phrase.

Is it me or is he looking pretty rested on those Golf Courses.

Let’s give him the opportunity to golf more in 2013.  Vote him out November 2012.


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One response to “The Great Obama: Nothing up my sleeve!

  1. mikeh

    Releasing the SPRs for comme3rcial consumption…all gone in 36 hours. The oil to get us through a national attack.

    Sleight-of-hand from the Fraudster-in-chief. What an amazing huge dungheap of lies he’s told. What a goldmine for some aspiring pshcyologist’s thesis paper he’ll make.

    PS: Have you noticed how freaked out the lefties and statists are getting over the debt ceiling TEA party congresspeople saying NO and meaning it? For once, meaning it!
    They’ve pulled out every thread-bare, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it, one-liner and the TEApartiers still say NO. The more I listen the more strained and screeching they become. I’m loving it.

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