Your car can make you money: Green Fallacy

Today I read a piece on AOL under the heading of Translogic.  The article was titled

EVs Could Generate Power For Your Home And Money For Your Bank

What a joke this article is!  First, these cars generate none of their own power.  They must be charged.  Let’s start with the opening premise.

It’s no secret that EVs are cheaper to drive per mile than gas vehicles. If you’re driving a petrol-powered car, you’re paying more for your energy than the guy next to you in a Nissan Leaf. But, EVs could also house a golden goose that can actually make money for their owners.

Bypass the last sentence for now and focus on the cost factor.  If you buy gasoline for a vehicle you bear 100% of the cost of that product.  But if you buy electricity that cost is spread out over everyone within the service area of your provider.  Yes you are charged for usage but there is a bigger dilution of the cost as compared to fossil fuel vehicles.  Natural Gas costs less than gasoline because it is provided by a central supplier.  Spreading the cost over more people. So the Leaf owner is using you and I as a resource for his pleasure.  More importantly the article claims that your utility company knows when you draw power.

When an EV is plugged in to the energy grid, either at home or at a public charging station, it pulls energy at whatever rate the utility company charges at that time of day (less at night, more during the day).

There is nothing further from the truth.  In order to follow this program you need to have a second meter added to your home and a second control panel for the items to run off this meter.  In other words another breaker box that will not work until off-peak hours.  Plus there is the expense (separate from the cost of the vehicle) of the charging station in your home.

Now doing more research we find that one of the basic premises of this power system can not be accurate.  Does anyone believe this.

For example, peak late-afternoon traffic occurs during the hours when electric use is highest (from 3-6 pm). A supposition one might have from driving, that the majority of the vehicles are on the road during rush hour traffic, is false. We calculate that over 92% of  vehicles are parked and thus potentially available for V2G power production, even during peak traffic hours of 3-6 pm.

Where are they parked?   My car if it is parked at that time is in a lot that has over a thousand car capacity?  What would it cost to upgrade that lot to contribute to the grid?  BTW  the above quote was from a research paper conducted in California.

Folks the promise of a car that generates its own power has not been presented yet.  These cars do not independently produce their own power.  B ut the technology of V2G is a promise of power generation while the car is sitting still.

When an EV is able to charge at night and sell energy back during high-demand times, utility companies don’t need backup power plants for peak-energy demands. If there were enough EVs distributed, the extra energy needed could come from the car, further reducing carbon emissions. Also, like local renewable energy sources, V2G enabled EVs could become a buffer for utility companies. There are a lot of options. Once agreements are struck between the different sectors, it all comes down to the software and what the car owner wants to do.

What is the cost of setting up this “power grid for my parked car at work?  Will my car go more than 100 miles on a charge?

We aren’t there yet and they want us to believe we can power the world with our cars.

It will be decades and trillions of dollars of waste until this one works.



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11 responses to “Your car can make you money: Green Fallacy

  1. quiznilo

    the ‘logic’ of the greens (and most journalists) is truly an astounding thing to behold.

  2. mikeh

    Quote 80’s lyric:

    Lies, Lies, Lies…yeah.

  3. mikeh

    Memmmmories…like the corners of you mind…

  4. mikeh

    and if that ain’t DEVO I don’t know what is.

    • mikemadden59

      Time to test your metal.
      Well I’m goin’ down to Laurel
      It’s a dirty stinkin’ town yeah

      If you get this without help You are a God

  5. mikeh

    You got me…I am NOT a god.

    • mikemadden59

      Wasn’t fair it was a one hit wonder named Steve Forbert. The song is going down to Laurel. Obscure for sure

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