Dear President Obama

In the election campaign of 2008 you pushed yourself on the American people as the candidate of Hope and Change.  You spoke of fundamental change in the way government was run.  A majority of the people (most angry about a financial meltdown) voted for you with the thought that a new player will change Washington.  You staged one hell of an inauguration party and that alone should have told the people they were in trouble.  But you began the business if the American Transformation.

You and your economic advisers said that the unemployment rate would rise as high as 9 percent without immediate government intervention.  You went to congress and your party, that was in the majority in both houses passed an 800 billion dollar “stimulus” package.  While this package had some major spending there were also tax breaks.  Any economist in his right mind will tell you that increasing spending and cutting taxes is a formula for disaster.  But you promised that your plan would keep unemployment below 8 percent.  Well Sir that did not happen did it?

Now you propose a new “Jobs” proposal  that you say will create jobs.  What does the proposal include?   Spending on schools and tax cuts.  This is the same old hash just re-fried and half as much.

Between the bad Federal Reserve policies coming out and your time-tested system of failure the country is surely going to fall into a major recession before we have surfaced from the one you said you could fix.  You want to change Washington (I know you don’t) then begin by slashing Government spending and at least restructuring the tax system to be truly fair for everyone.  Rich and poor.  You speak of fair share but how many Americans from all classes don’t pay taxes?

I doubt that will happen because you, the man who was going to transform Washington and the Nation have done nothing but put it on a road to ruin.

Consider this modest proposal.  Cut Government spending.  Hold the line of taxes until the tax structure can be completely revamped.  Stop the runaway spending and short-term political tax breaks you are putting out to win votes and try to influence the electorate.

If there is one thing the last two Presidencies have taught this voter is that the time for party politics is past.  It is now time for America.  Spending wildly to attempt to jump-start the economy has already failed.  Stop the madness.  Do what is right for America not your party and you.  This goes for all elected officials.  There is a reason that all polls show Washington is not trusted.



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3 responses to “Dear President Obama

  1. mikeh

    “time-tested system of failure”. Good one, Mike.

    And now it’s time for “twisting” the T-bills…QE3 by any other name.
    Guess they DIDN’T hear Perry say “treason”.

    • mikemadden59

      From what I heard Perry is probably not going to be a factor anymore. We shall see

      • mikeh

        Actually, from what I saw, Uncle Ben did turn tail when he heard the word “treason” and that’s why he’s trying the all-time, time-tested favorite progressive BS of changing the name but not the game.

        Bernanke’s”Twisting”=QE3=GreatDepression 2.0

        PS: I believe it’s gonna be someone with lots of experience with the oil boys club…Hmmmm….who else might that be?

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