MoveOn.Org = Unions

A few days ago a little birdy told the West Jersey Tea party that MoveOn.Org was planning a demonstration at Representative Jon Runyan’s office.  After the work spread in the group and even over to Pennsylvania to the Independence Hall Tea party, the counter protest was on.  The group started forming early at Runyan’s office and staked out a long section of the grass spanning almost 200 feet in front of the office.  At the time that the MoveOn folks were due to arrive 5 people with White signs with a bold green block at the bottom appeared in the parking lot.  As they wrote their Pro-Spending signs it became clear that the signs had the logo of the American Federation of State and Municipal Employees (AFSME).  As the number of Union members swelled to 11 the 30 patriots lining the street were cordial and focused on the traffic on the stretch of road in front of the office.   Needless to say a couple of thoughts ran through my head.

Where were the regular people?  The group from the Tea party was made up of Realtors, Engineers, retired union members and even people with jobs.  I would call the West Jersey Tea Party a diverse group.  But in our diversity is a commonality of purpose.  Saving the country from run away government spending and Washington insiders who are not working for everyone.  SO who are they working for?

Well the people who support the Presidents spending binge where out today.  The small contingent of AFSME Local 2209, a division of AFSME District 71 AFL-CIO (11 people folks).   It did not seem that any of the 11 were from any walk of life but Government Employees.  So the very people who live off the largesse of the Taxpayer were out there today demanding we pay them more or give more of them jobs.  While I understand they have families to feed where will they be when their employer turns on them?

The hand that has always fed the people is business. The Government unions and Even the President are biting that hand that feeds them.  This extended recession is proof of that.  In a letter to the Districts within the New Jersey AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech said the following.

First, regardless of where we work or what union we belong to, we agree that a union contract makes life better for our members and all  working families. Unions and collective bargaining strengthen the middle class and provide working families with upward mobility. That was what happened in the 1930s and 1940s, when the AFL and CIO unionized tens of millions of workers and created decades of economic prosperity for all Americans — not just the wealthy.
That’s why we have to support our brothers and sisters at Verizon and all of those who are fighting for their rights on picket lines and across the bargaining table because when labor wins, we all win.

The comment about upward mobility is a complete lie.  I am a member of a Government union and the AFL-CIO.  The only people the union gave upward mobility to was the union bosses at the national level. Upward mobility is achieved by entrepreneurs not rank and file union members. I do know a few who retired to make millions in business (Google Rita’s water ice founder)  but the union had nothing to do with that.

So does Charles think that Government unions jobs will fuel the economy?  That won’t happen.  But what has happened is the hijacking of the unions by government employees.  After killing the automobile  industry in Detroit and forcing many companies to seek cheaper labor overseas the unions are seeing their roles drop.  With that drop comes a commensurate drop in political power.  The Government Employee unions are now fueling the pro-labor Democrats with tons of money.  Our money!  The money we pay in taxes to the unions bosses (the Government) gets passed on to the locals and the internationals as dues.  That money which comes from each and every tax payer is given to politicians to buy votes that are at least anti-business and at most Anti-American.

In his letter, Wowkanech keeps referring to the workers.  Someone might want to call him and tell him that his “workers” now constitute less than 14% of all jobs in the country.  If not for paying off the Democrat party in New Jersey and the nation they would already be a footnote.



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3 responses to “MoveOn.Org = Unions

  1. mikeh

    Double gagging by your 2nd paragraph.

    AFSCME … AND … using WHITE paper.

  2. Great article–I just want to add that, as I see it, unions do absolutely nothing to create jobs and, in fact, may be guilty of stifling jobs as it’s to the interest of their membership that they do. I’m beginning to feel that unions now = socialism.

    • mikemadden59

      Not in the broadest sense. Money is power and that is why card check was so important. Yes they believe in a Socialist agenda but they want all people under their control/ Look at the history of the German unions at the rise of Hitler. I wrote about it a few days ago. Unions Are Anti American

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