Who will give me a JOB!

Well I really don’t need to get a job, I have one but today I posted a picture on Facebook and someone made a comment that struck a nerve.  Here is that picture.

So here is a person who is doing it himself.  Yes he is working and has scholarships but he is trying everything he can not to depend on someone else for survival.  I post this picture and what does one of my friends comment.  “I wonder if he will feel this way when he can’t find a job”   That comment really got my head spinning.  I answered simply but had many thoughts running through my head.  Hear is what I told my friend.  “He could become an Entrepreneur if the Government gets the hell out of the way!”  You see my friend though well-intentioned has fallen into the big corporation trap.  I need to get a job!

Why can’t this young person MAKE a job, or create a product.  This is where we have gone off the tracks.  Even the people who are sitting in a filthy stinking park in New York are sitting back and blaming the big corporations for their lack of a job.  And believe me if they had a job they would be there not engaging in fornication in public since September 17th.  Just the very premise that these people are being oppressed by big banks infuriates me.  A guy named Steve Jobs created an empire in his garage.  He did not do it by blaming anyone for his failures he used them as learning experiences and he developed some of the most incredible technology we have.  He made a computer so small it fits in your hand and you can call people with it.  Do you think  Jobs and his partner were worried about the banks?  They gained the system with a good idea and took their market share proudly.  Now there are people sitting in most major cities crying that they want some of that money.

Well you too can have some.  Get out of your sleeping bags, go home and work.  Not for someone else but for yourself.

To answer my friend from Facebook.   I doubt this person will LOOK for a job.  They will make them!

#OccupyYourMind   produce something besides WASTE and hate.



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6 responses to “Who will give me a JOB!

  1. Perhaps you don’t mind being shit on, others do.

    • mikemadden59

      Perhaps you wallow in self pity! I can’t do that. The Give it to mentality is just corrupt. Move on tool bag

  2. mikemadden59

    Even if this turns out to be a BS picture it is still a GREAT point

  3. SpeakUPNJ

    Wow…”being shit on…huh?” Now there is a well spoken liberal mind…I AM VICTIM HEAR ME BITCH! Man get agrip. You ain’t seen nothing yet. When your socialist wet dreams finally pass and you succeed in ruining America…please naive one don’t be looking for the “shit” to go away. Behind every good socialist “do gooder” experient is an even better Fascist. You’ll change your tune when the fascists use you up and you will ask to be “shit on” in order to have something to eat! Dream on “useful idiot” of the despot…the Gulag awaits you….and ALL your naive, head up your butt friends. By the way…they will also take away your iPhone!

  4. mikeh

    Concerning the LibTard posting by @dionysys:

    I’ve always believed — if you feed the pidgeons…you get MORE PIDGEONS.

    Please, don’t feed the trolls.

    • mikeh

      Now…….about the article.
      The Most disturbing word in it; GIVE.
      Recommend alternative 4 letter word : EARN.

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