Say what you want.

Imagine, if you will, that you are at a company meeting.  There is a scheduled guest speaker and you do not agree with his policies.  At the end of his remarks the speaker opens the floor for questions.  You in your disdain for his beliefs question him harshly and do not like the answers he is giving. You stand up proclaim that death should befall all who believe like him and leave the room.  Now the whole company has just seen you wish death to a group of people.  Do you think your days at this company are numbered?  Whether you agree or disagree with the mans policies you had every right to question him.  You even had the right to be somewhat hostile in your questioning.  But wishing death on anyone due to a philosophical, religious or political difference is just plain wrong and should not be accepted at any level.  Wishing death on anyone is considered a threat and in many areas of the corporate world the result of such threats are dismissal from your current position.  Sadly the same can not be said for academia.  Here is a peach of a story about a college professor who did something very similar.  Read how his employer is handling it via Todd Starnes at Fox News.

A Kent State University professor shouted “Death to Israel” at a public lecture delivered on campus by a former Israeli diplomat.

The outburst came during a presentation Tuesday by Ismael Khaldi, a former deputy counsel general at the Israeli consulate in San Francisco. During the question and answer period, KSU history professor Julio Pino launched a series of provocative questions at Khaldi.

At some point, the professor shouted, “Death to Israel” and then stormed out of the building. The event was first reported by the KSU student news site KentWired.

KSU president Lester Lefton, who is Jewish, denounced Pino’s outburst, calling it “reprehensible, and an embarrassment to our university.”

At the same time, he defended Pino’s free speech rights.

“It may have been Professor Pino’s right to do so, but it is my obligation, as the president of this university, to say that I find his words deplorable, and his behavior deeply troubling,” his statement read.

Pino, who is originally from Cuba and a convert to Islam, did not return calls for comment.

A Kent State spokesman confirmed the professor was once investigated by federal authorities. The university said they were also aware of allegations that Pino wrote stories for a now-defunct jihadist website.

And according to the Akron Beacon Journal, the professor eulogized an 18-year-old Palestinian homicide bomber in the Daily Kent Stater, the student-run newspaper.

And yet, the tenured history professor still remains employed by the university.

University spokesman Tom Neumann told Fox News that Pino remains employed and has not been removed from the classroom. He declined to say whether an investigation had been launched into his latest outburst, citing privacy issues.

Needless to say the Jewish community at the school expressed outrage at the comments.  Now here is an even more twisted section of the story.  The faculty or at least these guys are sticking up for the professor.

But Pino does have some supporters – among faculty members at the public university.

Donald Hassler, a member of Kent State’s Faculty Senate, told Fox News that Pino is a “colleague whom I respect.”

“We believe in freedom of expression and civil discourse,” Hassler said. “And those sometimes come in conflict – as they did in this case.”

Hassler said Pino must have lost control at the lecture.

“It lacked civility,” he said. ‘It was an example of hate speech. He knows better than to use hate speech. He has definitely strong opinions. He needs to state them in a civil way.”

Ken Bindas, the chair of the KSU history department, told the Cleveland Jewish News that Pino was not attending the program as a professor, but “as a human being.”

“I don’t agree with his comments, but at the same time, I can’t not defend his right to free speech,” he told the newspaper.

Maybe I should go to a lecture at Kent State stand up and yell death to all liberals.  Do you think Mr Hassler or Bindas would defend my right to say that or testify in court to my terroristic threats.  I think the latter.  I would be labeled as a hater and convicted of a hate crime.  And these two men would be leading the charge for my conviction.  The hypocrisy in this article is apparent.

Even the School administration is afraid to label this what it was, Hatred.  What did he say? “It may have been Professor Pino’s right to do so, but it is my obligation, as the president of this university, to say that I find his words deplorable, and his behavior deeply troubling,”.  Deeply Troubling?  and he is still in the classroom forming the minds of our future.  Nothing these men say can justify the hate spewed by this man.  He should be fired and banned from educating American youth.

We do have freedom of speech in this country.  But there are consequences to speech and we should be aware of that.  About the only comment by any of the faculty I agree with is the one about state his opinions in a civil way.

Me I don’t wish death on the bad professor.  I wish him a one way ticket to a country sympathetic to his beliefs.



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  1. mikeh

    Overripe, Squishy, Bug-gnawed Tomatoes.

    All this plus your best softball pitch.
    I believe in expresing myself too.

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