Kerry Speak

I just don’t get this gold digger.  He can go sail his tax-free yacht anywhere he wants on the Heinz fortune and he keeps running for office.  Why?  There must be some real power in Washington.  Today there was an announcement that the “Super Committee failed and CNN dutifully trotted out John Kerry to rally the true believers that the Republicans are not acting in our best interest.  Watch John speak

Look I did not marry a really rich woman nor did I go to college but I can do math.  Obviously something in what Kerry just said is well within the Bovine Scatology realm.   He said the Democrats had a 4 billion dollar deal on the table. Cool  4 trillion is good right.  Well that is what the folks in Washington want you to think.  But facts are facts and our deficit has gone up 5 trillion in three years.  Project that out over ten years and we are talking an almost 17 trillion-dollar increase in our national debt by 2021. (not factoring for increased spending on non discretionary spending) .  So this momentous proposal by the Democrats is more like trying to shave a beard with a butter knife.  You might get a few hairs but the beard will only keep getting longer.

Now here is why I really get worried about Kerry Speak.  In his world 1.3 trillion in cuts and 1.3 trillion in TAXES (not Revenue) adds up to 4 trillion.  You do not need to have a PhD in Mathematics to figure out those numbers do not add up.  But Kerry doesn’t really care about the numbers.  He just ants to get the message out, and CNN will always oblige.  The Republicans and specifically Grover Norquist are obstructing a deal.  I have to call more Kerry Speak here.  Grover Norquist is the tail of the dog, a really big dog!  The American people voted to give the house to the Republicans to slow the Democrats urge to continue raising our taxes and spending our money.  What Senator Kerry fails to see is this truly grassroots effort called the Tea Party.  The Tea Party worked very hard to remove people like you from office in 2010.  They succeeded and the folks we sent to Washington were sent there with a real mandate.  Stop raising our taxes.    Grover Norquist may speak about the Tea Party and tell people where we stand but he is not my leader and I dare say that would be true of most Tea Party Members.

Everything Kerry said today was a fabrication of his imagination designed to make the faithful vote for the nanny state in 2012.

Oh and if a Republican spins this as badly as Kerry did I will find it and write about that too.


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  1. mikeh

    Love the Toomey comment about the forced cuts
    being the only way anything gets done.

    I do realize that THEY will just pass bills to thwart the cuts…but, I can dream; can’t I?

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