A Glimpse into Washington Think

Many from both sides of the political argument wonder just what Washington is going to do to fix the country.  One side wants Washington to stop spending and taxing.  The other seems to want more government intervention.  Roll Call reported that there was a meeting of the Republicans this morning  and Speaker Boehner and Eric Cantor told the caucus that not continuing the payroll tax cuts is politically unsustainable.  Boehner also mentioned spending cuts to “pay” for the cuts.

With over 15 Trillion in national debt no one in Washington should be thinking about anything but cutting spending.  But as proof of the Washington mindset here is how the article ends.

The undecided Republican lawmaker agreed, saying the tax cut was sold as an economic stimulus plan but has had only minimal effect while imperiling social security.

“It kind of robs Peter to pay Paul,” the lawmaker said.

Though Republicans are calling for the payroll tax cut extension to be paid for, they have historically argued that tax cuts overall have the effect of bringing more money into the federal Treasury and therefore do not need to be offset.

I have spent some time reading the works of some great conservative economists and they believe that tax cuts alone are not the answer.  But the folks in Washington who are protecting their seats, don’t want to cut spending because they might lose votes.  Spending is the only way they can show the folks back home they are taking care of them.

It is precisely that thinking that got us to this point.  This is true of almost all government spending and much legislation that protects special interests.  The proof is in the pudding.  The government created an agency to oversee American agriculture.  The idea being it would promote American Farmers.  Why then does so much of our fresh produce come from Chile or other South American countries.

How about the National Highway system.  The government used federal highway money as a club to bring states into line.  Doubt me on this.  Let’s go back to the imposition of the 55 mile an hours speed limit.  Here is an AP report printed in the LA Times.

10 States Face Loss of Highway Funds for Ignoring Speed Limit : California on List–Just Over Half Drive at 55 M.P.H.

May 29, 1986|Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Millions of motorists are ignoring the 55-m.p.h. speed limit, according to the Federal Highway Administration, and 10 states, including California, are facing loss of federal highway money for failing to crack down on them.

Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Hanford Dole informed the governors of Arizona and Vermont this week that she plans to withhold up to 10% of their non-interstate road-building assistance because more than half of the states’ drivers are ignoring the speed limit.

Elizabeth Dole?  Isn’t her husband supposed to have been conservative?  Yet ,she was the bully for the feds on this one.

Washington has gone from a protector of the states to a dictator to the states.  Soon if we do not rein them in we will be dictated to in the same manner. It is actually happening in some facets of our lives.

Cut the size and scope of the Federal Government.  There is no reason that they should be the largest employer in the country.  Think about that.  The Feds are bigger than Wal-Mart!  WAL-MART!  Yet people complain about that corporation but feel fine paying 28 percent of their income to support union jobs in Washington and remote offices throughout the Unites States.

You can not cut taxes and continue spending at the levels we do.  Our national debt has gone up 10 Trillion dollars in 11 years.  I hate to use the word but, that is “unsustainable”.  Only we the people can fix it, we certainly can not rely on our elected representatives.



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3 responses to “A Glimpse into Washington Think

  1. mikeh

    Our Congressm,an, Jon “Mr. Team Player” Runyan, received a 44%
    conservative rating from Heritage. He must be canned.

    He MUST be primaried! Who will run…Mike?

    • The Working Class Conservative

      Good Question… That is not the man who stood before us and told us he would be a rock solid conservative

  2. SpeakUPNJ

    You did hit the “dilemma on the head”…politicians WILL NOT be re-elected today if they cut spendingin any reasonable amount because the Liberal Media owns the information highway! Any spending cuts will be instantly broadcast as killing jobs, hurting the “poorest of Americans” , supporting dirty air and polluted water etc etc etc! And you all know that! Until the American electorate stand up and CHEER the first “in office ” politician to say ” I Cut The Damn Government Spending by 20% and I am Damn Proud to tell you!”, you will NEVER see the cuts we need done overtly in Washington…they will come as a result of an economic and political collapse long before the America electorate pull their collective heads outta their butts and understand the need for REAL spending cuts!

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